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There for michael graham and build chris o line all the other elite republican establishment you don't have to be donald trump to be granted as a nazi they can do what's right it's just as easy right everybody is a relax a bleep up was one quarter things he said i especially when it comes to folks like ryan willie score fergus cullen for example opinion former new hampshire gop chairman was here they are outraged incensed by donald trump none of this would be happening if this was somehow romney and it's such a being asked semien pretty much regardless of this nominee was democrats we're going to go after him on the same exact peanuts that they're going after donald trump on i would suggest to some extent that maybe trout manages to buy i don't know makes things will get more colorful and make things maybe a little easier sometimes i with some of these a situation to shine a little less polished bad snap but i mean you're you're absolutely right gennett democrats if this was the perfect in an eight or supposedly perfect candidate for and the republican side they would still be demon icing the heck out of nominee absolutely and i just think that my parents has the ability to not answer the question and could just simply talk about his position on abortion right center not abortion rights but to the right of the child's you know and it to how what is position is on abortion in general so i think that's what he would do not necessarily descend into what down trumpet set in that instance yeah i mean it's you know it's unfortunate that this is is going to be eat any how it's going to be debate which nobody really cares about that much these two personalities are nothing barberis defining called on that end and i don't think.

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