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Ford Coppola, Takata Cilicia Takata, Patriots discussed on Overnight Drive



It's he's not Francis. Ford coppola. I'll close the door in this bikini, kill thing by saying thing that I think is just going to be my motto from now on you know, it doesn't matter. What you believe it matters. What you do? I don't care what you call yourself. A socialist. Whatever you want doesn't matter. What you believe matters. What you do? You can call yourself a fucking fascist and of you do socialists shit, guess what your socialist? So that's that's that's what it is. If you want an actually know what you are just give me your your Bank statement. I'll tell you. The matter which believe matters. What you do? That's that's that's that is true. That's really true because a lot there's a lot of talk going around these days. Well, that sort of thing is everyone in modern life really wants you to believe it. It's not what you do. It's what you believe. That's that's ever. If you find somebody telling you, it's what you believe that person's a fucking coward tyrant or a shyster one of the three. That's it that there's no other option fucking destroy that person. Destroy that person. Got dammit. Well. Slamming the door on the now, I'm now I'm out of my drink and now angry again, my God, you slammed a you had a tumbler full of whiskey you slammed the liquor cabinets. Running a little light right now. I gotta make a gonna make an emergency run. I had them. I didn't like. But another one of my heartaches is all beer tastes. Exactly the same. Don't add me. I don't care. Just does all the same. Get fucking just get to say because it's all Takata Cilicia Takata shiner, delicious, all the dishes, cheap is. So Simpson's where they go to the factory, and they show all the different vats. And they're all all the beers coming out of one to that splits three ways. That's all it is. That's it's all made from one company, and it's all like, it's garbage. Don't worry about it is all carpet fucking garbage. I got really intoxicated on Friday. Good. Was not good. I have to stop. It's cool that you are like literally within crawling distance of your haunt your house. My haunt. No. It's it's like, I can do the spend all night doing twelve ounce. Curls. And then I finish up doing the thirty yard crawl. Right, right. Speaking of sports, how about the Super Bowl. But a man I don't think I can sit through another fucking patriots SuperBowl. I think I can I think I want to really I mean, I I will. I know I will. But like, I don't know what this is an event Nichols. Go to. If I'm if I'm welcome in the door. I don't know. I haven't seen him in a while. He's really sayings. I too cold. I understand it's fine. I drove home in the snowstorm today. Is it snowing? Oh, yeah. Interesting to took me like an hour and a half to get home. It was really bad. Did not have a have a meeting at the bar. I work for meeting didn't happen many than happen. But it's still soak me exactly as long as the meeting would have taken to be on it to get home. Did they cancel it? Because of the snow that oh shit really important super important, everyone get on WebEx, anybody who's ever anybody who's ever worked on the bar knows that there are people there who think it is so important that they work there..

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