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Seen claiming the emissary wanted a meeting because she had some of that which shows up she didn't have any of it what is going on here back to the euro cranium story this forget this lead sentence this is outrageous donald trump was the only presidential candidate his campaign was boosted by officials of a former sovietbloc country ukrainian government officials tried to help hillary clinton and undermine trump by public lee questioning his fitness for office they also the ukrainian government disseminated documents implicating a trump aide in corruption and suggested at manafort and suggested they were investigating the matter only to back away after the election and they helped clinton's allies research damage damaging information on trump and his advisors a political investigation thought what do we have here we have proof that the ukrainians were trying to sabotage trump we have proof that they were trying to help hillary clinton and then when trump wins they backed off they begged forgiveness and wanted to become fringed with trump though that he would not pay them back there is still no evidence of any kind anywhere that the russians tried to help trump and the trump colluded with there isn't any there is not a shred there's not a symbol is not a vow will there's not a consummate of evidence and yet we know for a fact that ukraine did try to help hillary sabotage trump public statements about how he was unfit for office which details and dovetails with the hillary clinton campaign frost that trump was on fit here's ukrainian officials joining in that claim how come nobody in the drive by media picked up the story back in january come nobody remembers the story today ukraine tried to sabotage trump ukraine was helping hillary ukraine publicly stating trump was on fit so there was collusion collusion between ukraine a foreign government a foreign country there was collusion between ukraine and hillary clinton to sabotage trump a ukrainian american operative who was consulting for the democrat national committee met with top officials ukrainian embassy in washington in an effort to expose ties between trump and paul manafort in russia according to people with direct knowledge ukrainian efforts had an impact on the race helping to force manafort resignation in advancing inherited that trump's campaign was deeply connected ukraine's fall to.

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