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The customers they just shut 63 sam sam's clubs eleven thousand people are affected ed i've told you that tons of these stores are going to be shut we got eight thousand last year and i just tell you this too many stores i expect all this but nobody knew uh so the same time that given bonuses the people there they're eleven thousand people are out jobs now walmart says they will place the eleven thousand people in other stores and i think they probably could and i think they probably will but what a more roddick pr move aid the way they do it did it how they did it with the disclosure that's a little bit of a black eye for walmart uh but back on the other part of the equation is just more and more and more and more companies continue uh to uh take this tax bill a add up the numbers and give back i wanna make note that the socialists in of the socialists are complaining that air these are crump's i am i'm quoting that these are just crumbs that the companies are given so not only of they putting down american companies but they're telling people getting bonuses vicious crops i have told you that vis left these left the polo sees the schumer's whoever else warren sanders have absolutely no game when it comes to you are you and i'm thinking to myself how bad can republicans be uh uh uh while first off they won all the elections the past but going forward the poll numbers are not that great how bad these republicans to not be able to take advantage of it uh and the other thing you know how blacks vote for democrats i think it's like 95 percent and hispanics have moved towards the democrats the republicans are so stupid every person in this country black girl wii or hispanic or whoever i would love to have a great job make a lot of money big a crapload of muddy older company b a c e over company dr lamborghini travel around the world's livid beautiful homes yeah have a great life.

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