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So how many athletes did you find out watch soap operas when you were on? It was crazy. I mean, I got into the game and you know, and I, I knew about soap operas in high school just because the girl friends, they would run home at launch and watch, said beach, Santa Barbara, and all those shows that I wasn't really into the soap. But you know, as a teenager, he followed the girls around, then I get on a soap and I'm in a club in l. a. I'm probably twenty four twenty five years old and Dion Sanders. Is there Cal Ripken juniors, they're, they haven't some end and I'm walking by and was Michael Irvin and so I'm walking by and I'm starstruck. I'm starstruck in this club with all these major. I mean legends just Dan in there and I'm walking by China like mine mome business because like I'm just not near as cool as these athletes and I wasn't, but I just saw, I'm just kind of scared by and Dionne goes. Gel be Joe. That's Malcolm. That's Malcolm from the stories that's mountain from stories. Michael Irvin was like, it is a commute up commuter. You'd be messing with that drew Silla you'd be messing with that. Due and and I'm sitting there like looking late is this really happening and they were only late y'all, you are. The bureau demand wasn't like to work. What are you doing? Kissing scenes withdrew Sylla. And that was like I was like, y'all watch young and arrests. They man, we know tell us all we do man, right after practice. We watch the stories and I was just like bugging out. And then through the years, it just more and more Meryl Streep, watches, criminal minds, the wrestler actor. With no nine and a half roared watch. So watch months, right? Yeah. So I mean, just but it was just nuts to me that these athletes were like stuck on stupid when it came to the number of times that things happen in locker rooms clubhouses NFL like it's like a soap opera, and you're wondering where these guys pick it up from they watch actual all Oh yours. yes, sir. Baseball players in particular because they're on the road three games cents. Wake up in the hotel room. Eleven AM twelve o'clock, one o'clock, whatever got a blog kind of Email thing back in the day before the social media from Cal Ripken junior. What he's he watches young and restless and he has a crush on Phyllis or somebody. It is. Amazing. It is absolutely. So I know you're from the Oakland area. Yeah. We talked about this before and when you came on the last time, are you concerned at all with the outset of the NBA income in that somebody's coming for the crown was the fight with my family all the time. I'm half black, half white. The black side of me is Oakland, and the white side of me is Boston. So born in Oakland, I grew up Ricky Anderson fan, Oakland as I. But then I had to pick between the as the raiders the Niners and the giants. I was at battle of the bay when the earthquake hit. So I've got my my family in Boston's all about patriots, Tom Brady everything, Celtics, all out of the stuff. So the splash brothers here now and you know, k. d. the whole crew. I mean Klay Thompson Steph dream on killing the game, killing the game, but the Celtics are coming. The Celtics coming in, my family keeps reminding me that come coming because they they, they were deep David decent last year. They were just too young and inexperienced take it the rest of the way. So and injured two, you know, an. Injured too, you know with so and I know you're, you're talking his language over there. That's a big time Celtic fan. Yeah, thing about the warriors is, you know, when you win a lot, you get a little complacent. You know, he started, you know, you just, you got the money. You got the rings. He get a little comfortable, you don't. You don't work quite as hard as us to nothing lasts forever. But I think I think they if they, if they stay focused, they got a good three or four years now, the team, the team that has beaten. Okay. The warriors during this stretch the Cleveland Cavaliers right..

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