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Show that many people in the power but a lot of people claim to be at one time. But then then gentlemen. I made the mistake of putting the slides alone. Put them up on. Why would you do that. I thought well an executive. He's actually rule. I just let me just reiterate. We'll happens up and it's not nothing's recorded try. It's the right code. So so i put the fenceoutletonline because someone else who till i think. Anyway the next thing. I know the software crossman are like banging at my door with arms. Mica one puzzles seriously. They wrote a blog. Post code y. Every element of dan oath is row. Man is the best thing. Is this massive self own. Because every single criticism he levels at he makes that same thing in his Beautiful wonderful owning so cross emotional and stuff to including someone else. I sent an email. Dan said this stuff about. What do you think so hero pies based on having read some slides on the internet with no context didn't contact me. I would have happily content about this. Didn't contact may anyways. Said i didn't agree with a bunch of stuff. Unlikely didn't understand the budget solid. So that's the best. That and so i kind of let it go every now and then it flies off a little bit on. The twitter is on the up things his way. But i leave it. Because it's amazing phosphor to february of this year and some folks wonderful extreme cheese Are having a meet up in london. Sadly all hybrid The topic is solid. One of the organizers. Nash said his contacts You did this thing a while back. We went e on our talking about solid kollek Plus great and then. He gave me a really good tragedy. Said you said you want found it. I said what would you replace it with. Ooh that's a really good challenge. But if you're going to have solid and that leads to the broader question all that all they're a bunch of universal principles software All this and things ages. I if you make your software x. than than it's going to be better software right right so i kind of noodle on this and it's be i one. I saw the background prices. His realtime anyway for me like what what makes software just pleasant by this. This may talk kind of And and i had him on. It didn't want to be what i saw initially with. I would look at each element of the sol. Basically replacing realize. I don't think like that rather than will start you in that way is a thing. It's not like on a particular access. I would frame it different Particularly you select cities. So it's okay starting. aiba what is back. Tournament was deliberately structures. Fell a word it was. It was february of just had valentine's day mine's gonna spell. Keep it and i i had. I had four letters than i have to start living one of the next there were number of candidates ended up sending one so i keep it to to the assembled throng and they were they were some fights that he really kind of look up. You know. I really value and respect. Their opinion about stuff takes technical stuff and then feedback for my keep it principle. Keep its promises. Way ray likely when we think that's really good relations some stuff where you've been saying as well and that gave me a really kind of i. I kinda went in. And i'll be on honest. Soda polity cheek. This is one thing but the feedback. I got i was like. I think i'm just going to see this.

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