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All right. We are back. We're just wrapping things up with a little bit of. Wwe talk we're going to start an xt. And specifically annex t uk shuttled to everyone else hitting us up last week. As soon as this match happened they were hitting us up on friday. You'll have you seen it. Have you watched it and i- swamped last week. So i was like no. I finally saw it on sunday. Drake think you saw it on saturday. Yeah was a saturday night. After the tank fight yeah and it was just water and dragon all for the next to uk title. It's amazing because wwi always like this. And i think a lot of promotions like this. You're only as good as your top guy when you top guys rolling. It covers up a lot a lot of stuff underneath you and walter so perfect as a champion and this is why he beat the shit outta dragging on and dragging all was incredible. I didn't know what was going to take to keep him down and made him look like a million bucks without hurting walter at all and taking the belt off. That's what a champion should be you. Elevate people even when they lose to you. I thought it was perfect to check this shit out of have like eight times to start the match in the first two minutes i was like. Oh it's just it's going to be gone. But he kept taking any looks crazy. I love the contacts. There's just something something really good there. I think he's going to be like a really good made car. If that mid card title would be his for dragging off. Because i think there's something there and walters walter so kangaroo walter this i mean. This is my type of match two guys. Beat the fuck at each other. And that's exactly what they did. They didn't waste a single minute. There were no rest hold. Thirty was about thirty minutes. Just your shit at each other. I mean in dragon was only about a buck. Ninety muscle muscular. Little guy but man. Some of the shitty was laying in the wall. Like there's there's a sequence towards the end where first of all dragons german suplex walter like. It's there's a spot where he can't figure out how to keep them down. He does like this diving. Torpedo headbutt on walton just sitting up and i was like jesus christ like i jumped out of my seat wanting to that was like who does stuff just like a missile still can keep them down the power bombs at wall street. Those sick splash. Nobody gets up from. This match is going to be in the conversation for match of the year. It's in my conversation may not be number one may end up being top five because i just enjoy two guys being the hell as other. It makes me go. Why did walter get eliminate so quick survivor. Series last year bro. We don't speak about that. Don't talk about that. My biggest thing is. I'm so glad they made dragon off pin him in the tag match leading up to this. Because i no longer have to worry about the only time walter been pin and five years. Was that survivor. Series avenue in like two minutes. A least he's been pinned to get the but this was. This is not been pinned in singles action in five years now. We're just writing the way we were those stairs. That's fine so so the only the only thing is give these guys break. They don't need to wrestle for like the rest of the year because there's no way they're not talking especially dragging off because that mantis god but again they have to get you know. More people into the the show itself is okay. I'm here just a regular tv dude. It was leave the tv show but was pretty good. It's not it wasn't bad no but it was just. It was unbelievable. Like i'm watching this. This what you guys do on. Tv like watch. And i try to watch kevin watching while since the pandemic and it's like oh my god i mean. It reminded me of annexed. He was on the network. Yes yes that's where you would get these so you had to tuten. You would get these once a month. Yeah that's what it reminded me. Okay the next up annexed itself there during a war games and two things to annex exceed. I the women are getting a ton of time and that's great because there's injuries everywhere else so instead of trying to shoehorn other people into stuff like you know what we're just going to give the women a ton of time. There's three what may be four women's views on tv right now and what ember moon opened up this week vs code guy. Now it's fifty fifty booking too little weird for ember moon coming back dutch building or to something. But that's cool. Should be dakota now. Dakota beats her. Now you'll have to have a blow off wherever moon goes over and you figure it out next. Then you have tony storm probably going to be in the main event picture you have shotsie versus Who shot going against see. Russell tony star. But clearly. she's going with the cancel. Rafe you now. Oh rate cut candice ran over the tank. Yes so it's on between her and shotsie. Yup you're right. And then the champion sitting back and watching the madness to see who's going to challenge her. She has a match on television. Gets rhea ripley coming up. So i don't think is going to be feud though but ria beat gonzales. And that was a feud and just a lot of women are. And i. I think this is how rebuild the division because the division got a little weird when the call ups know. We got a really weird when charlotte was involved in. It was absolutely. That's what it was. Charlotte derailed the whole damn day. 'cause rio was hot for a second charlotte crash everything but now i think they're hitting their stride again. Yeah i mean. I mean getting back in the mix feuding with dakota perfectly fine with this. They've got something with shots blackheart. She's really she can go in the ring to get. They have something with her. So they're fine. They're like the women's division completely different than aws women visit. This is enjoy. And there's all kinds of directs. The they can go and i'm like okay cool and i like standing on top. Just watching the madness. Just like cou. I'm just laying. Everyone figure it out underneath me. And then i guess three things the second thing. 'cause she doesn't lost may there. I don't see him loose. I you call his dungarees but jeez wearing kushida all different beasts. I'm loving in now. yeah jeans. I mean kevin. Grimes has something as well. Cam regards does is really good slime ball. Yeah in his way. He tapped out because she was great. This is smart. What's weird to me. Only on spent two seconds on. This is why velveteen dreams. Thelma goddamn television. And why is he in a main vegas joppa. I don't know. I can't call it. I mean what are we supposed to do with them. I guess taking once you say he's been on. Tv like four times the past two years. Not but he's been off tv because his own bullshit now he's held you take them off tv because he's he's just all the ball she's done before. I want to see him on tv. I think they're trying to cut him when they didn't cut him. It was just like whatever. But i'm just saying like they try if they're trying to punish him by having him lose. It's not working because that's not what people want. We don't want to see them right after because she did the whole beat the shit out of him. I thought they were writing them off. Television chopping gets nothing beating velveteen dream. So i think this whole thing is pointless. Yeah just sell in loose everyone all right. Whatever i mean. If he's the jobber of the mid card then cool. I don't know where trump is going either. Just kind of biding time but listen again. Tana injuries hard to accept around when you have a ton of injuries now. The third thing to on annex t is gearing wargames. Pat mcafee is going to be a weekly staple now because in ballard's jaw still wired shut to my knowledge and he's out for like another four weeks and he's not involved in a survivor series. So really you don't have to have the title defended at war games at all. You don't in november. So i think the main title is defended at all gives finn time to get healthy again. I think gives me. It gives the opportunity for challenger to present himself which is cool. Maybe cross comes back because it's so much time maybe get finn versus cross or you know you get finger. Someone else in the cross comes up. Finbar's casado it'd be really fun. Feel like he's working his way there so they have options so if you go chump of risk ashida you know number one contenders match takeover. I'm cool with it without dream anywhere.

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