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The in the spark joins us now he is the president of the volusia united educators located in daytona beach florida are under his leadership the volusia united educators has made curriculum we're interested in that because we're always talking about that an instruction huge and important part art of the union this is this is what i talk about when i talk about my family members who are teachers and over the past twelve months within fourteen hundred teachers and staff have received training through the union programmes so andrew thanks so much for popular others of course we appreciate it week kate i'm glad to be here so what are you doing in volusia that is working really really well that you feel like you're hitting a home run with you know one thing that we hear from our members all the time but they want to what's happening in america so we have taken out on one of the most important things that we do is making for that have what they need to be a voice at the table poring han to a lot of lawmakers unfortunately but you would think that we would be expert in the profession and that would be the crap who oregon our school and so we provide a lot of our members but it it finally we get very involved with our district in derby about what being taught in the classroom are we trained and prepared peter curriculum you know how we help teachers with resort which has been a big issue across the country a standard has shifted who really being advocate one one of the things i love about my job i advocate for teachers and people who work in our school and they care about one wind so when you look at what's happened curriculum lies and we know attention spans are shorter of course can debate the amount of time depending on whatever the study is and technology is is helpful an incredible in one sense and also can be really kind of tricky to deal with in the classroom would want to come out of these discussions on curriculum in those areas of what kids need today well i think what we're starting pico in in our school district starting next year what we're doing its were actually focusing more on curriculum ban put crew lot of development that they didn't act core and.

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