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Grow as professionals and discover new job opportunities that's how linked and can make sure your job post gets in front of people you want to hire people with the right hard and soft skills you're looking for Legwork to match you to the most qualified candidates so you can focus on hiring the person who have a big impact on your business a hires made every eight seconds on linked in boom there's been like ten hires made on the course of this ad so you need to get on linked in right now you wouldn't be fishing in a small pond you gotta be fish in that big ocean and you can do it with Lincoln jobs you can pay what you want in the first fifty dollars on them just visit Lincoln Dot Com Slash Corp again that's linked in dot com slash the Corp to get fifty dollars off your first job terms and conditions apply were also brought to you by our friends at squarespace squarespace is to place for your website online store marketing tools and analytics squarespace all in one platform Ti build a beautiful online presence and run your business you can turn your cool idea like draft Josh Allen Dot Com into a new website with awesome templates created by the world class designers they have everything you need to create a beautiful modern website showcase your work blog or publish content with powerful blogging tools to help tell your story and share updates with your I promote your physical or online business so products and services of all kinds use customizable galleries to display images and videos and unique ways it's free insecure hosts with nothing could upgrade ever and twenty four seven award winning customer support so checkout squarespace dot com slash corp for a free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code the Corp to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain so do that right now squarespace dot com Tom Slash the corporate use it and you get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain okay get some interviews you're listening to the core presented by Barstool sports so welcome to the core I'm so excited so excited this is Eric and.

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