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I don't know that they have a lot of answers here without Derrick Rose other than just hope chemical plays well. Hope Randall finds his game again, finds his jumper again, hope the defense finds itself again, Mitchell Robinson had his best game of the season. Maybe his best game at two seasons honestly against Detroit on Tuesday. Anything interesting here for you? Yeah, I mean, look, it depends what they want to accomplish. Do you want to squeak into the play internment? Great. I mean, one of the things that's depressing about the next to me is I kind of and obviously all this goes out the window because of the COVID lineups, but it's just like, you know, they're playing a lot of old guys for the privilege of possibly squeaking in to being a, you know, even if they replicate last season a first out. I mean, the only thing I care about right now, if I'm a Knicks fan is I want to see a manual quickly when he's on the court play 33 minutes. I just, this desperation of Tom thibodeau teams to make the playoffs and play a bunch of guys who are 30 years old. Because that's what you enjoy doing as a coach because coaching young players is kind of annoying and they're fickle and they don't speak the language yet and they can't read your mind and they're kind of immature. Yeah, I know. It's one of the indignities of coaching professional basketball. But like, you know, if you want to tread water in a playoff race, fine, go ahead, play these guys. But I want to take this as an opportunity to accelerate accelerate the development. And I want to see what a player that I really, really like manual quickly looks like as a higher usage player. I want to see how he can play in traffic. He doesn't do that a lot. Can he reach the rim more frequently? He doesn't do that a lot. He's already decent drawing fouls. I want to see if he can just become brilliant as a 28 29 30% usage guy. Because this is where your future lies. RJ same thing, but it's just like look I just, I know what they're doing. They're kind of de fumigating the place and tips has done a great job of doing that. This has gone from a laughing stock franchise and team to being a place where, hey, respectable basketball was being played. But like, listen, I can't stand not having Derrick Rose in the court 'cause he's Derek rose, but at the same time, let's look at this as an opportunity. Like start quickly. Start him, play him 35 minutes. See what you have. He's a decent pick and roll player who I think can become better. More than just kind of stepping back and hiding behind a screen and putting up a three. Like I think he's got some game and he's got stuff he needs to improve on. Just hand them the keys. You're the next you're not going to do anything this year with it without rose, okay? You're a middling team that overachieved a little bit last year and lost in the first round. And that's great. Hey, there's playoff basketball and MSG. Everybody's happy. The town is crazy. That's fantastic. Like, this is a kid you have on a rookie deal who's good. And I think he can be better than good. But we're never going to find we'll find out, but let's find out faster. That is the most passionately anybody who does not write for the wonderful Knicks blog posting and toasting has ever talked about immanuel quickly. I'm taking a back by your Emanuel quickly passion. I will say the tips discourse is weird to me and I think sometimes a little unfair because last year he's the toast of the town because he's chasing wins every single night he wins coach of the year. I didn't vote for him. I voted for Monty Williams. I voted tips second. And nobody minds when his teams win that he plays veterans a lot of minutes. When you get some minutes police show up for him sometimes and slap him on the wrist, but I think last year he did a pretty okay job of easing quickly and top end and obviously Barrett was a starter, but those guys into bigger roles than maybe people expected and this year their roles have expanded, particularly top ends. But now they're not winning as many games. And so the tips playing the old guys here comes Todd Gibson and it's starting power forward because of the health and safety protocols becomes an issue again. I don't necessarily think that that's super fair, but what I would say is I'm with you that if this season goes into the toilet or it's in the toilet. It's in the toilet or it's on the rim. And before the water rises and there are two games out of the plan, like and you know they're all their hellbent on getting at least give me some play in games or a play in game, maybe at MSG if I can get the 7th race, which may be a long shot, but look, 7th is one game over 506th is one game over. The wizards who suddenly can't earn a huge swamp after starting 11 and three or something, are one game over 506, so they're gonna keep going for it, but these next ten games are gonna be telling. But I also say one real world real quickly. I don't think that playing quickly is a sacrifice. I don't think he less than nor do it. Like you can go for the 7 and play quickly. Like, in fact, here's the thing, a guy who gets 34 minutes united his age might be better by late March than he is today. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. And I'm with you in that the mystery for quickly to me is the playmaking. I don't know if he's just a spark plug shooting scoring guard or what kind of playmaking.

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