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In the Pennzoil based on sequence for a wear test using ASAP five W. thirty sports center all night ESPN radio I'm Jay Reynolds leaders of the U. S. Olympic committee admitting Monday that postponing the Summer Games appears to be the way to go they surveyed American athletes over the weekend nearly seventy percent of them saying the games wouldn't be fair if they're held this summer although that same number same a girl with health officials give it the okay U. S. becoming the latest nation to advocate for pushing the games back year and postponing the games at this point seems inevitable but regardless Christine Brennan of USA today saying the situation has not been handled well by the IOC Thomas Bach on March fourth so the president the IOC on March fourth tell the press conference after a board meeting and basically said the words postponement and cancellation did not come up and one on on basically kind of say all we always have problems you know Zeca and and boycotts and whatever and you want me to name more things and what kind of flip about it all March fourth it's not that long ago if you come out and said I get it I know that this is an issue obviously by this point it really is in terrible trouble of course China you know other other Iran we know because every season we know corona viruses coming and he was he just handled it so poorly and what's really surprising Thomas Bach if the first Olympic gold medalist to be president of the international Olympic committee the international Olympic committee is a bunch of old the oldest of the old boys the elitist euro centric a lot of them are royalty or think they're royalty and here's Thomas Bach who was in nineteen seventy six Olympic gold medalist in fencing and was a victim of the nineteen eighty Olympic boycott you'd think he of all people would understand the magnitude of of what the athletes are going to he blew it on March fourth and why this happened over the last few weeks your point is that the athletes have risen up instead of from a top down decision making it's been bottom up groundswell of support athletes national Olympic committees at federation for the athletes of certain sports all of them coming together to force the issue Christine I think one of the reasons it's so important to get straight answers from from Dick pound or anybody else with the RC is the amount of time that it would save these these athletes from having to make those tough decisions absolutely fair and that's that's what has driven this and that's why when we first heard of that if you get a few months because of course July twenty fourth is still a few months away obviously four months away so well we've had so many things that have been centered and and had a foothold in March or April have been canceled or postponed men's and women's final in a tournament at the masters obviously the NBA and any self defense on hold those kind of things we haven't got all right all the way up to July yet so the thought was you would have time right and that's what we've been thinking until we started to hear the athletes voices and for example last week I interviewed Lilly king really is a two time Olympic gold medalist in swimming breaststroke she's training down in Indiana University Bloomington Indiana are you closest to that pool closes she had a couple over training mates and go to the YMCA two time Olympic gold medal swimming at the Y. like you and I would and of course after a few days of that the wires closed and now she's on a place to train so many athletes with similar stories Christine Brennan of USA today earlier on ESPN radio in Spain company sports center all night ESPN radio what about to a total of continuing his rehab from his hip injury posting a video on social media Monday showing him during his throwing drills while practicing social distancing with the long ball today feels good to spin it again to was medically cleared for all football activity after his four month scan came back clear coming up Tuesday Tampa Bay officially introduces Tom Brady through a virtual conference call box out there quarterback so pencil him in for the Superbowl right ESPN analyst Matt and Tim Hasselbeck the Buccaneers are winning at the business of football right now the Buccaneers were team that basically was not a very relevant team now there and that they're the top story of every sporting news programs out there right now the lead everything this is Tom Brady we're selling sweets were selling tickets were selling memorabilia people want to some prime time football the number twelve Jersey no disrespect to Chris Godwin are even way back in the day to Trent Dilfer but the number twelve Jersey is gonna get sold that boxers gonna get sold more than it ever has before so this is a great business move I like it for a lot of reasons but to automatically put them in the Super Bowl way too soon that's an overreaction for me as well they NFC south is going to be a heck of a lot harder in the AFC east was for a long time so you're already in a tougher division you're gonna have to face Matt Ryan and drew Brees so right off the bat that's an issue then you look at just the adjustment from a learning curve perspective not necessarily for Tom Brady but first teammates Adams alluded to you know this basically maybe obsolete offseason what what what's the adjustment to the teammates you know in Tampa bay to Tom Brady in the expectation there Tampa Bay is hosting the Super Bowl this season the matter incentive SportsCenter all night ESPN radio we have a long break here for the sports world still unclear as to when the medical folks will give the nation the green light to get back together in person that is Sunday we saw fairly entertaining iRacing event from NASCAR earlier on ESPN radio with Freddie and Fitzsimmons driver Alex Bowman it's cool to be a part of for sure you know I think I'm not a huge separator by any means and I think all of us throughout the the garage area all the different drivers everybody kinda approach it a little differently you know guys like Jimmy Johnson that I had never done it before and then you have guys like William Byron that I'm pretty sure he pretty much lives on this computer just that just plain Irish things so definitely big different experience levels there but it was really neat I have a lot of fun I think the fans really enjoyed it I wasn't sure how it's gonna go we definitely crashed a lot I think that it comes from the the lack of experience on I'm playing the game but that it was all a lot of fun for sure how much so that last part that you mentioned where you want to put a guy on the wall in real life you know that you can't put a gun to a wall with this the video game you know what junior you're out of retirement I remember two thousand fourteen or fifteen you're going to the wall buddy yeah I mean I think there's definitely when it comes to sim racing there's just there's no consequences right it doesn't hurt when you hit things and you get a reset and you decide on pero they give you a new card go back for anything so I think there is a lot of exactly zero crashing people what was it like having a level playing field because we know that certain for certain guys will get the best of in terms of because of who they race war but everybody's on a level playing field Alison I standpoint what was that like yeah that I think that that's definitely get because when it comes to specially that iRacing stuff like the start up stuff gets really really complicated just like it is for a separation act every weekend so you know that that made it easier for guys like me that I've never really taken irate thing very seriously if you go in and be somewhat competitive it's still hard to call it completely a level playing field when you have guys like William and Anne Garrett Smith lane and some others that run quite a bit and Denny Hamlin whose one thirty one career I racing raises him he won Sunday's past Dale Earnhardt junior on the last stretch to win the race said to virtual homestead Ammons got a forty thousand dollar rig set up in his room if you saw the pictures of it NASCAR currently scheduled to return to Martinsville may ninth we shall see at this point the business postponing something like the Olympics there is a lot on the table when it comes to putting something like that off even for a year that's next to sports center all night continues its ESPN radio some U. S. Olympian said they would still go to Tokyo at the Summer Games were to take place this year the decision also probably not be there for two.

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