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Pretty little flat flat. Larry can't kick their little flat. So they're crepes. They're not they're not pancakes. Yeah. Okay. Nonetheless. So is that what too much egg? What is? If it's the Kodiak protein pancake. They're so good. I add is water. You could add a little egg in there or you could do it with like almond milk or something? But man, the easiest best pancakes ever make it from scratch. I thought you did everything from scratch Robbie. Have you met me? Honestly, I'm surprised you're actually cooking from talking to Don Don says he does all the cooking in your house. So, you know. Don't do it. I'm on vacation and uncooked I could have people in this room right now who can confirm to you that I made Yankee pot roast really made silly. They made what else would I make? What's what's pot roast? Oh my gosh. Okay. This should max Clarissa. Everybody listening to write this down. Okay. This is the easiest recipe and the best recipe in the world. I sister made it it was so going seven ingredients, including I mean, that's okay. Oil that's ingredient one two tablespoons put some oil on your frying pan. Kick us three pound Chuck rose. Seared on both sides. Okay. Little pepper three ingredients. So far how is camper? Oil put it in your. Doc. Take a path. Of the ranch dressing. You know, the powdered stuff. Sure. Coletta on hiccup package of the os. You dry mix. On top. Hey, one stick of butter. Put it on top one. Stick of butter put it on top. And then those yellow pepper on Seaney peppers. Uh-huh. Sweet banana peppers, sir. You take eight of them. That's it. No water. Nothing. So seven ingredients all that oil going in the crock pot into. You just fried in the oil, you tables, you take your three pound, Chuck and you see and on both sides right and pepper. So we're counting that as an ingredient. But it's not really an ingredient. I didn't know dumping that in the crock pot too. Then so just. Yeah. Okay. So you put the seared Chuck Ross on the bottom put the two packets of seasoning in their one. Stick of butter one sticker. Just put it on top. You don't have to mix anything. Ate peppers around. It you put it on slow. Yeah. Yes. Slow for eight hours. Sure. You don't lift it or now, you don't mix it. You don't do anything. You don't touch it for eight hours after eight hours. You take your forks. Easter? Okay. Seven ingredients. It literally took me ten minutes to make everybody loved it. Plus eight our dad. Plus, eight hours. Here's my other secret somebody I know work in the restaurant supply business, and you go to like steakhouses, and you think oh my gosh. You know, they make all their mashed potatoes from scratch. Gay down. It's instant mash potatoes. Mashed potatoes all these steakhouses they order from the supply company. Sure, and you could get it. You can go to jewel, whatever. If I had a ho you can get it like butter and CHAI, you can get garlic. Whatever idaho. All you do is heat up the water for. Boil the water put the potatoes in one one minute. That's it. Mashed potatoes the Chuck thing mixed its own little gravy. Oh my gosh. Did you sing ever? Can we turn Richon? If you. Now, he's probably less. Okay. Seven one one five six one one. I tell you easiest recipe in the world if you would like Email Robbie at mighty house dot net. Facebook. And I will write it down for you. Best. Everybody left it. Okay. Tomorrow Super Bowl that shouldn't be. So because both neither teams should be. They're protesting at by not caring who wins. I just wanted to hit my numbers. Sure. You know, the league doesn't care about us. Anyway. Sure. But. So I got two nine pound pork butts in the smoker. Oh, look at you got him smoked yesterday for seven hours, and then I cooked him overnight for another nine and they are now out there in the smoker resting. Okay. Enjoyed by many. They are still being smoked or it's only in their their. They're done being smoked. They are now being you sort of wrap them and render him a little bit gets fat to cook down these been cooking for days. Now is that what you just read much? Yes. So. Nine fifteen hours. See I don't really have that kind of time. It's a hillbilly. I called. My hillbilly crackpot is literally it's electric smoker. So you put all the way to chips, you know. The thing is in there, you set the timer the feed and all that you leave so comebacks to wrap it in foil kick, the temperature up thirty degrees to render die forget until I got up this morning. So you do this all outside. It's just on the fact, Patty. Okay. So it's an overhead smells like wonderful now. Somebody down wind hates me. Sure. So so this is self feeding is that what you said. Yes. Looks like hockey pucks. But it uses pucks of wood chips. Then it just keeps dropping them in there. Okay. So that's what it's called hillbilly crock pot. No. It's Bradley Bradley smoker. But I call it my hillbilly crock pot. Okay. Later this week. I might expect sliders steak sliders. There you go. You know, why can't take stake? You going to white castle? Is that what you're doing? Now. I'm gonna make them all you're gonna you're going to make them. Okay. Shake sweaters. You know, what I wanted to go back one minute to the habitat because. Time. Travel. We're going back back in time. Because I sent you a picture earlier this week. I was at the restore here in Vero beach. Yeah. It's. Okay. So we talk about the restore all the time. But there are many many many across the country. They're all kind of independently owned so people who are listening to us talk about the duller. We talk about habitat restore their amazing ones all over the country. So you can look up and find yours this one just had tons and tons of stuff was it was just humongous. Yeah. They're actually all over the world now to they're in a bunch of other countries. So it's not just in the US. So here in Naples or east Naples. They they don't usually have a ton of stuff ideas because it actually gets bought that quickly. Yeah. It's it's cleaned out right away. Yeah. So when you guys tear down hold you donate a lot of that stuff before you, do the tear down most of this. Stuff's not worth. Per se. But the other thing is is that the demo contractor has all the salvage rights. Oh, that's how you get a house torn down for, you know, eight nine ten grant. He keeps all everything. That's where he makes his money really all the copper, and whatever they pull out of there. Yes. Got to keep that in mind when you know, you're doing that. So and a lot of them they're nice houses, it's different. But a lot of this stuff really is outdated and junk. Yeah. Well, that's the other thing. Like, they will take laminate cabinets are limited laminate countertops that kind of stuff because they just don't people don't buy them. So. You don't even though they might be in good shape. You can't donate that stuff because they won't take it. So they wanna take product that they could actually sell again. That's it. You have problems with you know, plumbing fixtures because a lot of the old ones contain lead at the joints. And now everything's lead-free. You don't wanna do that the toilets are not, you know, one point six gallons. You don't want to put those in house. You know, somebody. That's you know. Doesn't have a crapload of money. So. Good one rich. Let's just came out that way. Yeah. He did have to show everybody I- fishing floaters again. Yeah. So he's talking toilets. And he's he's saying a crapload. Yeah. That's where that works. Look. I was just a coincidence. Okay. Oh, this doesn't have a motor. I can even check out one out and just. Oh, really? Really? Purpose. Ron we just went there. Yeah. It's your fault. Brother. You did it who. Right. This. Porpoise? Porpoise? Live edge. What say that again live, Ed, cedar boards where seven and a half feet long two and a half inches thick thirteen and a half inches wide. So that's a lot of board fitted. Wow. Make a lovely lovely table or two. Yeah. Box nice coffee contract up, and that's at the habitat store. Oh, Facebook marketplace. Oh, you know, we're all transactions should occur at a at a police station. Yes. Hey, you know, that's not a bad bad thing. A lot of police stations actually have what they call commerce zone. Yeah. And it's just an area in their parking lot that is under video surveillance, and they recommend that. If you're doing this stuff online is that's where you go to make exchanges. Yes. Yes. And I'm like, that's awesome. That's a great public service. As far as I'm concerned police stations there anyway. So. Yeah. And why not, you know, do you want to give out my if I'm selling something online? I don't give them my home address. No. I don't do that. So that meeting at the police station, that's quick. It's easy safe for both parties. I was sitting at a parking lot one day lunch outside the subway. Whatever this guy pulls up in his truck another guy pulls up in his car and he pulls out a steel leaf blower put on your back the biggest backpack job. So then they're out there test, and it, you.

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