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Filling in for of a leader from midnight to three we've got music from demand the background line to the name of this one brand new stuff from his record the lines from different sources we heard freeze ahead of this Mari posts that produced by John rocker excuse me John Rocca originally released in nineteen eighty one that comes from their album southern freezer heard Prejean branding stuff from them the food he was now that one I've been contents at the track called and control he kicked things off with a re release of a group called for a M. originally released in nineteen eighty nine super rare on vinyl but brought back to life by the good folks at mutual intentions for A. M. that tracks called passion again my name is John Moses playing peacefully apple music knew an old gin worked in the fold up until three AM we've got stuff from Jonathan creek at Sebastian salts crane been fat white family Iggy Pop vanishing twin and much much more all coming up on the show before we dive into the newest from tie Siegel's one coming up next is ice plant comes from its record first taste one check out what we're planning case you're to be dot com slash play list is the place to be I have posted a video of Thai Siegel come in and and just destroy rowing morning becomes eclectic session that is the case here to be dot com slash play list click the link and enjoy preferably after the show yeah it's a quick break and get into it scared of it Hey what's going on it's Anthony valid as if you don't have plans then come hang out with us it's summer nights at K. C. R. W. H. Q. at our new digs in Santa Monica live and direct in onstage we've got the love bomba this Latin inspired band thrives off of global sounds with soulful inspirations plus yours truly and believe that keeping you on the dance floor all night Saturday night case your W. H. Q. for all dates and lineups go to KCRW dot com slash summer nights is the more and then use name and the and the and then and we and and yeah a we yeah a the retired man and hold my hand all my is all is.

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