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Game shooting threes. Right. But here, thanks remember though, if he does that again, we've already seen him, do fifty forty ninety Ross got the triple double, and he's not even thought of MVP consideration because he's already done it. So how does what do that's gonna make people like he? Needs to be the MVP. Draymond is back and don't love Draymond the way played in the finals. But I do love him. Triple dumb. He's, he's good Canaanite. Yeah. So Steph, Draymond. Iggy is coming back. I know it looks like sometimes shelve himself, but it most days. Reasonably healthy he is a big contributor to this because I thought he played really big, you know, couple of five days that the bang those get a couple of games seven games. Now you got multiply that over eighty two gang. How will can't he play how often because if he has to start because, remember now he was coming off the bench. Now, you're gonna probably move possibly move him into a starting role and you're going to ask him to do more capable of doing that over the long over the long haul. This Golden State team is going to be a big problem for LeBron and problem that to be no problem problem. No problem. Yeah. Minute problem Steve Kerr's really good coach. I still like this team. It is not dead. Thought we was right winded. We don't know how good a coach Steve Kerr because he's had Kevin Durant. He's has Steph. He's had Klay. He's had dream on. We'll about to find out now. You think he's going to expose? We're gonna find out just how good of a coach limits. Your question name to coach you thing that couldn't win an MBA title with staff clay Draymond, and Katie you I look my ground went undefeated in the play on coaching that. How do you do in LA easy to mess it? I do Elliot when you got wrong, you know he wants sixty plus gave LeBron by himself. Imagine having all four them. I guarantee I was cystic coach. Lebron's team coaches. Lebron this does all that. No. That I guarantee you a healthy Klay a healthiest Katie would drain on staff go into a title. I think so. Yeah, it's not about exit knows about managing the eagles years would get in the way. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Ware certainly have some big questions in holes to fill with wing. It'll be interesting to see when they turn up and Have have questions questions. Gill Gill. who know those guys already made their one move. Now everybody's gonna make like three moves basically mellow ball in the NBA. On that one coming. Final topic of the day, lamelo ball headed to Australia the seventeen year olds announced yesterday. He'll play in the Australian National Basketball league lamelo signed a two year deal season starts not Tober. The mellow says my goal is to be the next time pick in next year's draft, and I feel they can help me reach that goal Shannon house. This one play out. Mellow. Lamelo didn't have a whole lot of options going to college was not an option because of the box that his dad bought him into skill. So that wasn't an option that we've seen this before Brandon Jennings was the number one high school recruit, he went overseas. He come back into two thousand nine draft. He's ten big Emmanuel moody you the second prospect outta high school. He went to China. The seven the pick in the draft. So this is not unprecedented. He's going to have to improve a lot. It's just hard skip outta sight, outta mind. They're going to be college players that's going to get a more of an in depth. Look, I hope it works out, well for him, but I don't care what if dad says this is not how dare drew up skip. If dad made some decisions that put his son in this predicament, and this is the avenue. This is the, the road that they gotta travel down in order to get to their final destination, where it's a long road, it is a long hard road. Lithuanian. Now australia. Right. Lavar has always told me is youngest would be his best. So launch those going to be in the hall of fame. I guess this kids are going to be the goat. I do when we've met this kid he is going to be the tallest.

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