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It was because these guys are on foot. I mean, there's not a whole lot. They could do. And so then when I heard about bulletproof I was like they kind of had this. But it was a little different. And you only need it when you were shivering so bad that you needed five thousand calorie at seven thousand calories a day. It's kind of funny. The idea for bulletproof coffee came to me because I had exhausted the western medicine stuff. And I knew I wasn't happy. And I believe that everybody wants to be happy. I was just willing to literally go the ends of the earth for this. So when I try to list off that was supposed to work and didn't I said, I'm going to go learn meditation from the masters, so I took offered Tibet, and it's been about three months in Nepal into bed and went to monasteries meditated things like that. And then went to mount Kailash, which is remote western Tibet middle of nowhere five days. Four wheel drive to get there and five days in a four wheel drive. You get their hours a day. Yeah. Oh my gosh. That does not there's no way to get there on a plane or anything. No. This is one of the most remote parts of the world now and. It's where visiting Mount Olympus of Buddhism and Hinduism. So this is where the gods live on. This mountain knows ever climbed the mountain, and you go and you walk twenty six miles circuit at eighteen thousand feet elevation around. It sorta like tonner the mountain said I'm going to go do this just because it's one of the things that Jones ever died like it lists. No one from the west. It turns out a lot of people go there in the middle of summer from India and Tibet it's one of those going back sort of things. So I'm going to try this. But I got there two months late, and it was ten degrees below zero. And there's thirty mile an hour winds, and there's only eight people in these little guest house, the call the mud huts on the and I'm feeling racks because the allegation is cold all the way recovered now and this little bit and woman, I saw a picture of her. She gives me yak butter tea, and I drink and it was like game on feel so much better. And it just stuck in my head. I made a habit of noting when I felt amazing. I felt crappy. So I could just find the variables that caused it. And I drink a lot more of that. And when I came home, I decided. All right. I'm gonna start experimenting. I ended up doing the mold free coffee grass fed butter because I tested regular butter. It doesn't work, and I added the brain octane from the knowledge I had from the anti-ageing group, but something else happened in Tibet. I haven't talked about very much I descended seventy five hundred vertical feet in one day. And I completely jacked up, my knees. So I already out arthritis a little like walking down the downstairs for you know, a mile and a half vertical or something. You know? It was I five days could not walk him, a two polls. I could barely massive swelling agent pain. So we're driving to bet, and I really wanted to go in this walk, but I wasn't gonna be able to do it. So we stopped this little mud building on the side of the road and asked to Chinese guy the bus, and you could read the menu. Hey, what does it say? And he read everything I'm looking for collagen. I know I need collagen in my joints. That's what they're made out of just to repair them. There's only one menu item that will fit the Bill. It was pigs ears. Oh, delicious. By the way. I got a bowl of cold boiled pig. Xeres? It was horrible. Really? They're kind of good if they're done, right. I know what you're talking to like the one guy had bulls of pigs ears and just haven't had Xeres, buddy. You know? I imagine that could be good roadside without refrigeration nowhere. It was brutal. They've been dictum in hot soups, and they really chewy. But the next day, my knees were fifty percents header I just needed the materials, and I'm not putting pigs ears at my coffee..

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