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Old are you? Because you know why I grew up in the 80s? And I saw the original Lady Gaga act. Her name was Madonna. She's just copying everything she does. So she's Lady Gaga's got a real voice. Madonna doesn't have that. Right. But Madonna was around for like 30 years before Lady Gaga. Did you watch A Star Is Born or no? No. you gotta see it. First of all, if I watched it, I'd watch the original. Yeah, I know I want to go back and do that. But this was a great one. This was a great one. At least you put The Karate Kid song on the list. As long as that's on the list you're okay. Both of those. You're the best. Young hearts, which is fantastic. I don't like you. I don't like doing the movie rocky. Yeah, all of them. I've only seen I definitely seem three, maybe four. You don't know the rocky movies? I just said I've seen I've seen three. Which is the one with the Russian. Four. Then I've seen four. Four. Yeah. Are there only 5? No, there's rocky Balboa, and then there's creed that company. Those are the new focal ones. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no. I'm talking about good movies. I'm not talking about you'll like rocky Balboa, it's a good one. Let me be clear let me be clear. I'm not saying they're not good movies, but excuse me. The real rocky movies are the ones with Sylvester Stallone is fighting, not where he's a hundred years old. So for me, 5 rockies, I don't think, what was the 5th one? What's this? Tommy gone in the street, my rings outside. Tommy gone in the streets, you know what Tommy Morrison? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I probably saw that one. Yeah. I definitely saw the first four. Probably so 5. Yeah. All right. That list was better than the soundtrack list. Yeah. What's another less you got another list coming up? No, I noticed all that I did this two years ago during the pandemic. It's like the Olympics with me. Every two years I watched the rocky movies in order and rank them. Here's what I find funny about this. There's no one I've said this before. There's no one I know. That hates Twitter or has more bigger or has bigger issues with Twitter than you. And then you're out there putting out lists, which is literally the number one thing to put on Twitter if you want people to come back and attack you. Yeah, I don't even read. To me, it's fun. At that point, that's where I do it to it's a good format to put that stuff out there, but it's also trolling. You know going in, nobody is going to like your list. Simple as that. No, the majority of people can have something to say. How could you put this one over that one? After you put this song on the list. That's my point. And you did it anyway, despite the fact that you say you hate Twitter. But I did it with a smile as opposed to a shock that I'm getting. That's good. Yeah, you seem very zen about it. I'm happy about it. Usually, you're all riled up. You seem about it. I'm glad. That's your friend. I'm in a good spot. Maybe next week we'll read some apple reviews. So enjoy Sunday AFC NFC title games. I'm gonna bet Philly minus two and a half and I'll probably bet over 47 and a half in the Bengals cheesecake. I'll bet Philly and probably the Bengals, not sure. All right, be well. Talk to you later. Bye. All right, my thanks to Jason McCourty and Sal la cotta if you enjoyed the episode, leave us a review on Apple. We'll read it during a train of thought segment and one of the near episodes and make sure you subscribe to the SI media podcast. Most important thing is to subscribe if you're not a subscriber, you enjoyed the show, hit the subscribe button and check out some past episodes. Chris long was on the pod last week, trajectory in two weeks ago, Jim Miller, three weeks ago, check those out in the archives and again, subscribe to the SI media podcast. All right, appreciate you guys listening, enjoy the NFC and AFC title games. We'll see you next week. Right here on the SI media podcast. Stay safe and

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