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Hard though, it is to believe some federal agencies of actually banned their employees from using the phrase climate change if censorship solve problems today, we'd all be part of the old USSR and the Soviets would have a speaking Russian. Of course, it's always good to be skeptical and ask questions, but we must be willing to place a certain amount of trust in the integrity of scientists. If you weren't willing to do that don't get an airplane. Don't use a cellphone or microwave don't get treated in a hospital and don't even think about binge-watching that flicks. Scientific discovery permeates practically every aspect of our lives except too often our political debates the dishonesty in Washington isn't just about science course, we weren't tackling. So many of the biggest problems that fit your future, we aren't from the lack of good jobs in many communities. So the president prevalence of gun violence. To the threats to the economy and threats to the environment. Because too many political leaders are being dishonest about facts and data, and too many people are letting them get in the way. So how did we get here? How do we go from president who could not tell a lie to politicians who cannot tell the truth from George Washington embodied honesty or Washington DC defined by deceit? It's popular to blame social media for spreading false information. I for one am totally convinced that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber still dating. But the problem isn't just unreliable stories. It's also the public's willingness even eagerness to believe that anything that paints the other side in a bad light, that's extreme partnership partisanship. And that's what's fueling and excusing. All this dishonesty extreme partisanship is like an infectious disease, but instead of crippling the body, it cripples the mind, it blocks us from understanding the other side it blinds us from seeing the strengths and their ideas on the weaknesses of our own. And it leads us to defend or excuse lies and unenthused actions. When our own signed commits them, for example, in the nineteen ninety s leading Democrats spent the decade defending the occupant of the Oval Office against charges of lying and personal immorality and attempting to silent and discredit the women who spoke out at the same time leading Republicans spent that whole decade attacking the lack of ethic. Honesty in the White House today, those roles are exactly reversed not because the parties have changed their beliefs. But because the party occupying the Oval Office has changed when someone's judgment about an action depends on the party affiliation of the person who committed it the being dishonest with themselves and with the public and yet those kinds of judgments have become so neck, second nature that many people in both parties don't even realize that they are making them. Now, I know it's natural to root for your own side. Especially when the other side is the Houston Cougars but governing is not a game. When people see the world as a battle between left. And right, they become more loyal to the tribe than to our country. When power not progress becomes the object of the battle truth and honesty, become the first casualties. Aaron what you think? Well, as I said off the top this is just I feel like I didn't even realize I was in a desert a desert where little Mirages of inspiration. I've been searching for them. And I just finally finally found some real inspiration. It's been so long that I've heard an inspirational speech from somebody in politics. I mean, he's done a million other things asides that. But I'm like, oh my God. Finally. And so it was so so nice to hear something that was positive, but also very truthful and. Real like, not inspirational for the sense of like when we go when they go low. We'd go. Hi, which I like I like that too. That's very raw. I mean, like real like kind of catalyst for change kind of talk. Yet. And you and I don't talk about politics on the show. Right. We do a very we try very hard not to alienate any listeners by picking on one particular politician or party over the other. So we are going to try to avoid specifics. But I think we can certainly agree that no matter where you stand there's some things going on in our world there some politicians behavior that we're all a bit concerned about specifically as it relates to dishonesty. So I

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