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The electoral college. That's right. Thank you. Okay, that Z Kelly Lefler on Monday. And then So so, then the events of yesterday transporter, right? And you start to get you got Trump supporters storming the Capitol. The violence that took place in the capital, a woman dying in the capital again. Well, this'll all stuff you know, and we'll talk about it more this morning. Then Kelly left water comes out after that. And says this yesterday. When I arrived in Washington this morning, I fully intended to object the certification of electoral votes. However, the events that have transpired today of forced me to reconsider that I cannot now in good conscious, objective certification. Of these electors, violence, lawlessness and Steve of the halls of Congress are abhorrent and stand is a direct attack on the very institution. My objective. My objection was intended to protect the sanctity of the American democratic process, and I think law enforcement for keeping us safe. I believe that there were last minute changes to the November 2020 election process and seriously irregularities that resulted in too many Americans losing confidence not only in the integrity of our elections, but in the power. Of the ballot as a tool of democracy. Too many Americans are frustrated at what they see is an unfair system. Nevertheless, there is no excuse for the events that took place in these chambers today. And I pray that America never suffers such a dark day. Again. Though the fate of this vote is clear. The future of the American people's faith in the Corps institution of this democracy remains uncertain way of the body must turn our focus to protecting the integrity of our elections and restoring every American's faith that there boy, their voice and their vote matters. America's a divided country with serious differences, but it is still the greatest country on earth. There could be no disagreement that upholding democracy is the only path to preserving our republic. Okay, all right, just to break down what she said. Of course, she's writing condemning the violence of that naturally, But there's something interesting that happened here, she says she can't in good conscience continue to object. Now the reason you would think that she announced her objection was out of a good conscience good faith effort in order to mount a protest vote designed to draw attention to and to emphasize Concerns about the integrity of our election system by way of changes and changes to electoral process. He's contravening state legislatures and, you know, bringing into focus the fact that we need this again, as she said in that little speech, a system that we can trust. That would be the effect of the objection vote should she have continued to take it? But instead, she suggested that somehow we would have compromised her to object yesterday that her conscience would be hurt by that. Which tells me that she didn't mean it in the first place. But that hurt an announcement of objecting on Monday night was just political expedience. I mean, anyone who's watching this could really suss that out as it was happening, but was political experience in order to attract Trump supporters to vote for her in Georgia on Tuesday, it wasn't enough anyway. I didn't even go that far with it. I just I heard that yesterday and I and I was thinking, OK, so because people stormed the capital and engaged in something that was horrific and unlawful and absolutely should not have happened. You're just going to let the electoral process slide. You're going to let the violations of the Constitution slide. You're going. You're worried about these people. You're worried about the sanctity of the vote would not Enough to stand by the your convictions and to challenge what you see as wrong doing, right? Yes. So anyways, it kind of gets back to my my prior comment that the killer left, sir. Kind of an unimpressive appointed senator has not been voted out of office on bits. Just it's just been sort of like one disaster after the other this week, But that's that was Kelly levelers activity yesterday now and regarding the impact of Democrats now having control of the Senate, getting control of the Senate will be speaking at length about all of that. And the Georgia Senate results with Brian Darling coming up at 705 this morning and Susan Free she Oh, At 805 Stick with us.

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