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Wow kevin you're on with tim kirch and go ahead hey tim babu how're you doing i was wondering who g gordon or cheeto with a broken leg i'll hang up wins a race dee gordon billy hamilton cheater with a broken here this answer i'm gonna say i'm gonna say d gordon can beat a cheetah with a broken leg because dee gordon can fly and he can he can dunk from any position he told me is the best basketball player in the major leagues shoots the three with anyone he plans both hands and he can fly so i'd say he can be a cheetah with a broken leg anthony you're on with tim kirch and go ahead answering hey mccutchen i'm just wondering how can you explain the pirates really success in how long can they keep it going the pirates have a pretty good lineup it's been a great lineup so far that can't continue but this thought that they are you know the raise and the marlins who are weekly rebuilding just not correct now i don't think they're going to the playoffs but they're not gonna win say sixty games this year their way better than that and look at their lineup every day it's not bad even with losing catch did explain it baseball especially those garrod guys he is highly upset how it went down but he's radim lear when i was a kid i watched him stand at the top of the key and throw a behind the back pass off the backboard any through with such force it bounced back to him in the air at the top of the key and then he did it with his left hand one years ago when i basketball i'm talking when i covered basketball for like a month twenty years ago i thomas told me were still trying to do the stuff that that guy did thirty years ago and we can't do it that's how far ahead of the.

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