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Women who can't you know access water and and have a thriving environment. So if we're really looking to tackle What's happening. It's investing equally on public service on the social welfare of the communities because then that would automatically disabled or diminish that void. That's their around Putin around radicalization. So, with the number of jihadist groups on the rise on the continent has America's war on terror in Africa felt a question for Simon Panetta as a beautiful counter terrorism. At the U. S State Department. I wouldn't couch it in terms of failure or success. Isis, for example, do not exist 20 years ago, But Isis is very much a presence in Africa that we're seeing. I'm not sure that that's a failure of the United States and the security posture. Mr Panetta says the United States is committed. To fighting violent extremism on the continent. But as the war on terror reaches its 20th year, there are growing calls for a change to some of the tactics used. Catherine Blair, a hunger reporting This news day from the BBC World Service. Will Pollard and James Connell let me give you a couple of our main headlines, An international survey of young people has revealed widespread anxiety about climate change with as you may have heard earlier, many saying they believe humanity is doomed. And President Biden's nuclear envoy who is in Tokyo to discuss North Korea's missile program, has said the door is open for talks with Pyongyang. We're gonna talk sports, though. Now with Isaac Famine Yeah, it's a big night of Champions League football. Standout game is between Barcelona and buying Munich and joining me from outside the company. Now is a football journalist. Carlo Topic. Morning, two year How are you? Good morning, while it's beautiful, beautiful view here in the stadium stadium where we'll see a big match tonight and a match. I think where a lot of people have in mind what happened last time when both sides played against each other. Yeah. I mean, it was 82. I remember watching that quarterfinal, which is in Portugal the year of course, where we had the Champions League interrupted by Covid. And it was played in Portugal. Will there be some scar tissue for Barcelona and with regard to that match up two years ago? Well, I think that this matches as a lot of the mind of the fans and the players and the officials of Barcelo and I talked to a lot of guys here a lot of people and guys yesterday and then they say, yes, of course, the event in mind, and there's a Catalan word. It's called the Hansa. So that means revenge. That's what they want. They want to wipe that out. How can you wipe 82 Um out of your of your mind so that that really hit Barcelona. The pride of the Catalans were hit batch by the team of buy in Munich. They want to win, but they know that it's a tough one. I think they are a little afraid. Not that we'll see another big victory by buying but that they cannot beat by I mean, one way of kind of wiping away that memory of that big defeat is just getting rid of all the players. I mean, boss liner. I think they've gotten rid of 11 players, including Lionel Messi, who is not going to be playing in a Champions League for Barcelona since for the first time since 2000 and three. I mean, what's by Munich mindset sort of coming into this match. What? I think Thomas Miller. He rounded it up very, very smart set. To be honest, I have no idea and I think that's what most people are thinking. They don't know what we expect. The Julian Edelman, Beyonce coach yesterday, the press conference, he said. Barcelona is with even without messy. It's still a big team and was all the problems with with the 1.3 Billion. Being in depth with was all the problems with the fights between the president and the coach. Barcelona is a big name. Barcelona is a big team, but no one knows what to expect tonight of that site against by Munich. Barcelona played maybe against Dafa. But they never faced without messy and without all the big names an opponent like by a Munich. So the new one for Barcelona and the thing that team is not ready yet. Um, to play against such a bigger permanent will be interesting to see. I mean, there's been a lot of change at buying as well. Obviously you mentioned you in Nagel Zeman. He's only just started in the world Housing settled into the job as buying manager. I know it comes with a lot of pressure. At what he had A he had a tough start. He lost almost all of the of the preseason games because of the European Championship by Munich has a lot of Boop topic. I think we moved. Not yet. Sorry We're gonna Yeah, we lost your, uh, for a second if you say that again. Oh, sorry. Yeah, not. Goldman had a tough start because he missed a lot of players in the preseason. But now where he gets the players where he has a time to work together with Sandusky's and the Millers and the robberies and the kidneys and all the big names Now this team comes together. They understand his system. He plays a clear system if they showed it last weekend against love to your team so by a music now is coming to assist. Adults, man. They are very strong that they have a lot of confidence after the last matches in the Bundesliga. Um I think we we we leave the better by music. And just really briefly. I mean, does the German team have a chance to win the Champions League? Obviously, if you look, the English sites are incredibly strong this year, but Real Madrid and Barcelona This is probably the year in which the title really is up for grabs because they won't be exactly as strong as they have been. Canada German team potentially win the Champions League this season. Will it be buying? I think I think by always said chance. It depends what part? Paris has a lot of names a lot of big names, But do they have a team? Can they work together as a team? All the other As you said, the English sides Very strong, but it's Champions League. Um, UK Everything can happen. I think we'll see about bio Munich going to the semifinals. But then what's going on there? I have no idea. Well, we will call you Nostradamus. If, uh, I mean it do get to the semifinal. Taufik, topical football journalist who is outside the company. Looking forward to watching that massive game between Barcelona and by Munich later on today, I will be watching you might hear a very tired before presenter tomorrow Morning, Founding. Thank you. Many thanks. Also, Thanks for listening. Terry in Chicago Who brings together two of our subject, sports and weather, saying it's going to be too hot, miserably hot to watch college football at.

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