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Passing over the Murphy along the right boards hit my truck check is he unloads the passing behind the Hawk net into the near corner? Calix got it. They're passing in the Senate race. Adam God yet got by two defenders in over the hurricane line, gave the puck along the right course became Winds it down that God dad back of the hurricane that he tried to flip it in front of Did Kane will get to the park and leave it behind the hurricane net. Now that Adam God God, that sense of the right point to Murphy Thinks that left point the counter. He'll stick it toward the net. Just flex over the net, hits the glass Shay with a pass up the left wing side. McCormack, who clears to center ice, Murphy takes it back just outside the hurricane blue line and dumps it diagonally left wing corner Hurricane zone. The Canes will take the park back. Especially cop racing through center ice. Put the fucking over the hot blue line. Connolly took it away just inside the line and then lost it. Specially cop puts it down in the park corner. Murphy there She tore up behind the net winds it around, but not out. Hamilton for the rape point flips the puck diagonally in the left corner Hock zone. On Connolly with a nice maneuver, took it away and Does your door off to pass up the left wing camp over the hurricane line pass into the high slot there for Connelly will leave it down in behind the hurricane yet, but Hamilton took the puck back and winds it up the right side too fast. Jordan stall through center ice over the hot line down the left wing. That chorus shot that missed and hit the glass. The other way, breaks Kubelik off to give from camp over the hurricane line. Long shot from the high slot blocked and then came back to Kubelik. And he fired it. Why this to flex up into the protective netting?.

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