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Only does Iraq want to legalize, marijuana but he wants to expunge the criminal records of those arrested for. Possessing it heats in a tight race was Senator Ted Cruz ahead of November's, election Michael board NewsRadio twelve hundred w aerobics. Challenger Ted Cruz is in corpus this weekend. Campaigning and of, course if politics are getting to be too depressing for, you follow what a growing number of American seniors are doing their retiring in an entirely different. Country Kathleen record who wrote the book on retiring overseas calls it stress, relief getting away from political. Bickering rest of the world doesn't spend so much time thinking. About we're talking about politics not only not US, politics but not their local politics. Either she, says despite the growing number of cartel violence, stories you hear in the, news there's a growing trend of seniors retiring to Mexico. At it'll be a very busy weekend for our former mayor Houlihan Castro's headed to the, midwest Iowa traditionally holds the first presidential caucus in. Jan February of the campaign cycle. It's no secret that I'm thinking about running, in twenty twenty this'll be my first time out to Iowa I look. Forward to hearing we're cokes or talking about if Castro says he's also going, to help campaign for Democrats had the opportunity. To make significant gains at the state legislature. There and also, to retake the governor's office the first presidential primary in, twenty twenty s New Hampshire shortly after Iowa did Texas workforce commission reports July was it's twenty. Fifth straight month of job growth for this state a state's unemployment rate, held steady at four percent. Due largely to new job seekers entering our labor market at. If you think shutting off the locations services on, your Android phone is going to. Prevent you, from being tracked think again new reports are, that Google is still out, there watching you tech giant Google admits that pausing location. History on your phone doesn't stop it from storing your data and Associated Press investigation revealed. That several Google apps and websites store user location Even if you've turned off location history Google has changed the. Wording so that users are now wear that. Other apps could continue to track you but as not stopped the practice, and this October the former governor of California will be making his way to San Antonio Arnold Schwarzenegger will be one of the stars at the Alamo. City Comecon they've already inked in William Shatner and John..

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