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Have thirty four degrees in Washington brought to you by land the plumbers trusted same day service seven days a week it's nine twenty one another arrest in New York City in the stabbing death of a college student from Virginia CBS's Errol Barnett reports police announced the arrest of a fourteen year old boy in the death of Bon art college student Tessa mages he's accused of stabbing mages repeatedly in a park near the campus last December police called a robbery attempt a thirteen year old suspect was already in custody Tessa majors was eighteen years old from Charlottesville Virginia she was just wrapping up her first semester in college in New York in Montgomery County there's a new tool to fight against the opioid crisis it's called the cope trailer which stands for community opioid prevention and education inside it looks like a bedroom and a bathroom in a department tour of the trailer McCumber county police acting captain lieutenant David macbain said it shows those who tore through it things that look normal in your kids room could be hiding a secret for example a hairbrush it looks like a brush but when you manipulate will build he pulls the little plastic tab out of the end of the brush exposing a hollow center inside a plastic bag with some drugs about the size of a couple tiny pills this is the mail all the not looking the drugs that you see in the movies the trailer making the rounds at fairs festivals and other community events Michelle Morello WTOP news a local doctor who walks the streets of Alexandria has decided to dedicate a large portion of his life to helping the homeless it's very difficult when one is homeless to to get medical care that's why doctor William is Ella goes to them on the city streets and at the Alexandria community shelter and gives away all sorts of items he's paid for out of his own pocket cardiovascular medicines antibiotics gauze bandages ace bandages insoles the seller has established a nonprofit called mid street which is kicking off a fundraising and awareness drive on.

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