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The original line anyway, angering the host and earning him a lifetime ban from the Ed Sullivan Show. I don't think Jim care This week in 1978. The video for Queen single Bicycle Race was filmed at Wembley Stadium in the UK It featured 65 naked female professional models racing around the stadiums track on bicycles rental company apparently requested payment for all new seats after they found out how their bikes had been used. And this week in 2019, we lost singer songwriter and producer Rick Ocasek, best known as the co lead singer of the cars. They had been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the year Before. Car is biggest hit on the billboard hot 119. 84 is Dr who's gonna drive you home. You're not a person that claims the election was stolen. And you're not anti vaccine. That's right. I'm not anti vaccine, but I believe in freedom. John and Ken weekdays at two. You want to be an idiot. Go be an idiot on kft. Honey, you just let me enjoy you. Gary and Shannon K. F. I am 6 40 live everywhere on the radio app. FBI is warning us of a scam. Where somebody claims to be from the Border Patrol. And they say that your car which was found full of drugs may have been seized. It's not true. I hope I hope it's not true. But.

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