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That's William shatner's version of the Beatles Lucy in the sky with diamonds L L S D. Yeah. No. Meaning to be taken from that at all Bill. Right. Exactly. But combined with piece of literature that had solidity and and. And Cyrano diverse wreck. I may climb great heights. But I will climb alone combined with a song which needed drugs to climb. That was the original intent played alone. Like that you think what the heck is the actor doing? But that's what the actor was doing. Do. You know, it's been fifty years since they record came out the transform, man. I know Bill the reason I bring up transform man is because he recorded that during star Trek's, I run the album actually had captain Kirk name right there on the cover next yours, and it seems like in the marketing there's an indication that the line between you William Shatner, and captain Kirk the captain of the starship enterprise was blurring. Did it feel like that? At the time. I never felt like a starship captain in real life. Although I may have actually. What? Have been a bit demanding. Sure left. You know? I would say okay used the word starboard starboard police if somebody who's driving my car, but no I never confused. I don't I the acting world with the real world. I'm more in the perception of you at the time in did people. See you as as Bill Shatner people. There was a time when the when when Motorola had designed a Star Trek phone after the few years of Star Trek, and they gave me one if you sound too young holy thirty one. Yeah. You sound twenty nine actually I think I meant mental age. That's good twenty. You're you're in your transition. Thank you. So I was in an airport. Am I flipped open? This Star Trek Motorola, phone to make phone calls. One of the first phones one of the first electronic phones. And and gathered a crowd who were laughing at me. And at first I didn't understand why. And then I realized it was right out of Star Trek. Do you? Remember the first time you went to we were talking about phantom on the show. Do you? Remember the first time you went to a convention. I do very vividly because I did want to go. I thought true real actors serious. Actors artists do not go to. What we're conventions them? Where was it was in New York? And and they said well fifteen thousand people are going to be there eligible. What do I say? And they said, well, you make it up as you go along it took years to kind of perfect a confidence and a somewhat of a routine to to some of the questions and confidence really that you're going to be. All right. So that I. Comic con that first convention was a nightmare. Because you were nervous each slip up the whole time. Yeah. You'd never less than down. Well down. What how do I answer the question? What am I going to say? How can I keep people amused for an hour out here? I'm all alone. You seem you seem more comfortable with it. Now. Well, how out of all that travail came a one man show, which I did on Broadway toured the United States toward Canada toured us read going back to Australian October out of that came a tour that I'm doing right now with a film called the wrath of Khan of a Star Trek film, and I come out afterwards and do an hour with the audience. Yeah, you'll go to William Shatner dot com. See what I'm doing? I'm coming to a city near you sooner or later pedagogy bikes by a pedagogue bike. This is the bike again what the bike this is the bike that you can turn into electric if you want. That's right. It's like a little motorcycle. If you wish or you pedal away you pedal. Admit to you Bill. I'm curious about that thing you gotta be it's fifteen members of my family. We have a close knit family anyway. But imagine fifteen people going out on a bicycle trip. Everybody hanging together because nobody's faster than the other. Right. Pretty good. Right. And not that I wanna play on. Oh, not bad. That's a Canadian. Is you got to get rid of not back Lee? Good. Now, you sound like a positive. I want to play another clip. Take a listen. Something I wanted to say having.

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