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You know something about that firsthand ado ado. Pile was going out several times in my house Power water has gotten really really low. The the roads are really bad. You don't know what's slippery you think you know and that you know. That's what they call black ice. Yeah people out there drive in you know you see people who got the has its own scared and he just trying to get somewhere you know. I'm assuming there's something that you you gotta get to and and people are driving you know trying to be carefully and then somebody come up on the side of you hit it. They hall in sixty sixty five miles an hour. You like. are you kidding me right now. You see really driving f s come on man if we could just be safe in and look out for each other. We'd be alive better but you got some got some idiots out there that just do not want to play to save game. Yeah and that's true. Please stay safe while you wait for your power Contact her support network. Let people know that you're okay. Check in to see if they're okay. Just be safe. Be safe please. We'll have more of the steve harvey morning. Show coming up in thirty three minutes. After right after this you're listening to your show. Time for c. l. o. The chief love officer steve. Harvey the clo- as the nephew calls them. You ready sir. I know you are all right. Lakisha in hampton. Virginia says i'm in my late twenties and my best friend and i bought a home together. Her boyfriend to our city a month ago and he's been staying with us. She said it would only be for week but he's still here. He's chipped in financially and that's all fine and good. But i don't want his money and i don't want him to get comfortable here. I told my best friend. He's got go and she said it's her home too and it's okay for him to stay another month if he needs to. How can i get him to leave asap. Please advise who cares because you are own the home equally. You have no agreement that you can't have guests overnight guests you have nothing in place that says how long you should have guests. So i don't see how you can make him leave on another note. Who buys a house with they. Best friends don't do things like this man. This is probably the biggest purchase of your life. And you do not with your fiancee now with your husband. What would your best friend. And all y'all wanna have lives. Yeah yeah so. I mean i don't know how you get leave. And her best friend feel though is correct her house too. So that's the deal. So right my house and lille not going to be able to get him to leave until they're ready for him to go and he might stay forever. All right. felicia walk around naked. A walk around naked. It helps felicia in charlotte says my husband and i have been married for eight years and he recently got an suv with cameras in the headrest for our four and six year old to watch movies when they take road trips yesterday he drove me to get coffee and as soon as he cranked up and plugged in his phone. I heard sex. Sounds coming from the. Tv's yes he started fumbling to turn it off and he turns bright red. He said it must be a glitch in the entertainment system. I think he had a woman back there watching porn. Am i jumping to conclusions bad. He's wait a minute but you said it was connected to his phone. Yeah be plugged. Yeah as soon as he cranked up the car and plugged in his phone. She heard the sounds. Well that's bluetooth. I think. I don't know if it has anything to do with him. Having a woman back there watching paul. i'm thinking he's got porn on his phone and a bluetooth picked it up and ran through the system. Because unless you have that stuff downloaded in your car somewhere. I don't see how they can be. It's the bluetooth what comes into play to me coming up in our last break of the day and of course we'll have some closing remarks from the one and only steve harvey at forty nine minutes after right after this. You're listening to party morning show. Hi this is bill clinton. Please join me on my podcast. Why am i am i telling you. Why am i telling you this for conversations with some of the most fascinating people on. We'll talk about ideas. It deserve more attention. About how science. Technology design or improving our lives and about why we should be hopeful and optimistic about our future. Listen to why. Am i telling you this. On the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. All right here. We are are left break of the day on this wednesday again. We gotta tell everyone to be safe out there if you're somewhere where the weather's really bad and it's black ice out there all of that. It's really good to get somewhere to do his show from Houston but you know what we've been doing because the covert is having everybody do it from home and so nobody's getting on planes so college junior day out. Tommy got rich friends so you know. Stop debt rich. Uncle got rich fiercely went over one oday rich s house. They got radio set up in the house. I'm working on tonight chateau chateau's around chateau so. Hey you can just had projects indiana chateau apartment. Anyway be out please and also ash wednesday by the way. Yeah it's ashwin state. You know i know monaco potanin show 'cause you know she kept making it she got into thank put on your they put a bigger one on monica's head they say they putting them on with With tips kiss him this year because well oh monica for here. They're gonna use a paintbrush. Which and why are you saying that i know why you because the size of a full head you know you put a q. Tip up there you're going to just thank. She frowned so unless you put bangs on her forehead big. Didn't you up okay. Should we go down the list of what everybody has all right. You got big ass right after the full head you gotta high but if if you put all i worst feature one on one body is a q..

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