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Presumption at this point based on, the investigation, is that The remains. That were found were ran that is our presumption at this. Point based on the investigation autopsy is still, not, complete because, of the condition. Of the body that was found court documents show, that. Police believe Polaski place the baby's body in a plastic bag then hit in a. Whole high in the apartment after being too strung out on heroin to, care for her infant son Polaski entered a not, guilty plea, to, the child. Endangerment charge she's due. Back in court Monday onto other felony charges actress. Allison Mack who has pleaded not guilty the sex trafficking in the next case is asking a. Judge for lenient bail conditions attorneys have filed a. Motion saying MAC wants to be able to leave her parents home in California so she can work go to church and go to school MAC was arrested in April with next team founder Keith Rene. Very least forty people have overdosed on k. two in New Haven Connecticut over the last twenty four hours known Laden says that number is expected. To rise it all started last night when emergency crews rushed To a park near Yale University to help three people who had OD more cases came to light this morning when twenty more people collapsed in the very same park police believe a really bad batch of k two is, circulating Newhaven streets we are asking people do not come down to the Greene to purchase it is k. to clearly there's, either a bad batch Narcan was given to all those who. Did but it wasn't working higher doses were given at the, hospital that, helps some three people in. Critical condition police believe they have the person that sold the tainted drug in custody..

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