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A group of products for professional dental use only for use in dental practices and on the recommendation of that this these these products and not sold in stores, and we don't attend to them to be sold in stores. Now having said that there's separate so separately. There will be a line of products, which will not be the same as our as the ones we're marketing to the dental community, but they will benefit from the same core technology and those applications we intend to out license two major players in in the consumer products world in that particular case, and and and other major innovators. That already have established infrastructure and their various respective markets. But we ourselves do not intend to to develop and market. A to the consumer space Yasha if you're on shark tank the ball, beautiful, Mr. wonderful would love you. That's what he's always telling people on shark tank. There's already major players in the space. Let's license. The technology to them. Let's not reinvent the wheel. So I think Mr. wonderful would be in love with you. Have have you seen that show? I've seen it from time to time not enough to know who Mr. wanna police Baldwin from Canada. Okay. Got him. You'll notice any group. The guy is always the smartest. Right. Right. Well, there you go looking at one right now. So so tell us more of your journey. So so how is this going to work? My the Dennis listen listening right now are commuting to work who have. I mean, gosh, if you're honest, you probably have hundreds of patients with Peri implant is what what would you be telling them to do right now. Okay. So so an order to get a good grounding. And this thing is to to understand really, how do we differentiate the products that are out there? Now compared to a to the innovations that were bringing tomorrow. So then I think it would be useful. If we can just take a look at the the what sets this technology apart, and why is it so superior to existing? So you're gonna do a slide show right now, I'm not gonna slide show, but but there are two or three slides which so we help to point that out..

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