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Two minutes. Twenty two minutes. Twenty two minutes long with the hell was I thinking. Hey, must be a lot of good information man. It's awesome. It's amazing information. Again, people on my side of the political aisle, we tend to lean to the right or conservative. They're mad at me. Some of them for even interviewing Mark Cuban, a star or Cuban is a guy who's been in our pop culture for a good twenty years now. Plus owns the Dallas Mavericks, owns dozens of businesses is an extreme success story in America. We all learned from him. He also says things that I disagree with when it comes to politics when it comes to guns when it comes to, to the president in, but we break down a lot of stuff that a lot of people didn't know and people on my side of the aisle. We're like mad at you for interviewing. But man, what a great interview, so make sure you stick around for that. We'll start that next hour about twenty minutes after the hour or something like that. And you'll hear it in its entirety. Very interesting interview, we also have sheriff David Clarke on the program today, and much more. My bottom line with the spelling bee is that we're in a situation where we are actually. Dumbing down the drive or, or what is it governing? Retarding the drive in my retarding, I mean, slow down like you would retarded cars timing or advanced timing. We're purposely smothering the drive that Uman beings have inherently, we're saying, forget your drive forget trying harder. And again, these kids these eight kids did nothing wrong. The spelling bee, you can't eight winners because when it comes to competition generally speaking unless you're a team these people weren't a team. They're individuals. You're not gonna have winners. You can have one winner everybody else's second place on through. So you keep going until you get a winner. One hundred seventy one thousand words in the English language, eventually somebody on that stage was going to start misspelling words, but they stopped actually got an Email almost immediately. These kids this that and the other and it was a competition. They went through twenty around. I don't care keep going just like in overtime football game. Eventually gets to southern debt sudden death if it's a playoff game if it's the season game to let it end in a tie, which is horrible. What is it? They compare the two kissing your sister. So. Yeah. Get a winner because when these kids get into the, the public the public square and get a job and they're asked to do a task and there has to do it. Well, then I've actually do it exactly the same as the guy next to the best of their ability. So think you keep on going again. Kids did nothing wrong. The those who put on the spelling bee really, really screwed up here. Stop it with giving everybody a trophy. Stop pretending. You know a strikeout is a home run. Stop pretending someone who can't kick a ball into a net is a soccer star. Stop it. One eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty one eight hundred five zero one seven zero eight zero.

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