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I told after she left. The man was clearly shaken up and what happened was I turned this man and look into the eye and I said I so apologize for this lady's behaviors. What had nothing. But I so apologize for this lady's behavior and when we finished second out that I want you to look into my eyes and I want you to realize right now at this moment in time in our history that I'm a kind customer I appreciate what you're doing and all of us and I turned around to all those we all appreciate what you're doing on the front lines. God bless you and checked me out and go home. And when he did folks was he didn't charge me for a lot of articles and on that register. Receipt was a smiley face. Thank you God. Bless you beautiful. You see them saying the moment of grace that we're all experiencing right now in all of us can share those stories you know. I had another neighbor on Sunday when I made some chicken soup from that. We'll call them thighs or drumsticks. Whatever they were came back and as a gift to me brought me a pack of chicken rather another person brought me soup. Another person brought me eggs so you see. The kindness of strangers is overwhelming now is overflowing so blessed that in your life now and don't let that negative outcome that you're seeing and she had every right to be upset. I'm assuming for what what reality. She's all that time but my reality of the situation at the intersection when the cars collided was a beautiful experience. So what you're actually describing is. How choice is every experience that we have your choice to react or remain. Calm your choice to get out or to hoard. It goes back to binary way of thinking so I you know and I'm not GonNa say here you guys. I'm sitting here as as a spiritual you know knight in Shining Armor and I'm not having my moments because you know I wake up in the middle of the night around three between three and three thirty and I. The committee likes to meet with. If I go to the bathroom and go back to bed. Five four three two one and that committee shows up and my thoughts. And how you GONNA pay your rent and you know what about happens if all the dog would runs out just rescue. This puppy abused by by her owners. That she's afraid to go outside other than with me and if I die you know who's GonNa take care of her. Oh my God. This mini series. I wrote my head was worse than the pen to make self so I had to really get into place of peace so what I was doing. Okay God provides faith right now and not fear provide gratitude. I'm not greed provide wisdom and good thoughts and so what I was doing is I was shifting. My conscious during Rim Sokoll at nighttime into more positive state of consciousness makes perfect sense and how powerful that processes utilizing the choice particularly like that while you're going to sleep. It assures the frequency of the energy that is feeding your sleep and then of course upon waking in the morning as.

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