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Good morning, I'm Mark Caesar. Former President Trump held a town hall After touring the border. Former President Trump held nothing back during the Fox Town Hall in South Texas, blasting President Biden's immigration policies. We have a border that's very bad right now and very dangerous for our country, the former president telling his policies and accusing President Biden of failing to enforce the nation's laws where the Tightest security. You could come into our country legally. But you know what else? We're stopping massive amounts of drugs, human traffickers, bad bad people criminals, adding the border wall would have stopped them. Instead, President Biden stopped the wall. And while he would not say if he plans to run for office again, he answered this question. Have you made up your mind? Yes. Carmen Roberts. Fox News. A former Austin cops. Facebook Post is starting to go viral, known by your online moniker, Holly Pilsner, she says in that post, he retired this week, citing the City Council's police budget cuts, the growing anti cop sentiment and the hundreds of vacant positions at a PD. All while the murder rate shoots upward, and Pilsner talked to CBS Austin, We're told that these are on temporary hold. But again, who knows when these will ever when are we ever going to get these numbers up again? And she says tense politics created by the city councils. Been a driving force behind morale level That's now in the cellar and the loss of 155 officers who have left a BDs since August 1st of last year. Patrick Osborne News Radio K will be J. R Texas executed a murderer John Hummel admitted killing his family 12 years ago because he'd fallen for a convenience store clerk. He paid the price for his crimes last night. Given a lethal injection at the state prison in Huntsville, Texas. There were no last minute appeals made and unlike the last execution, their media witnesses were on hand to observe. In his final statement, Hummel said he truly regretted killing his pregnant wife, their daughter and his wife's father. Ironically, the coronavirus extended Hummels life by more than a year. He was scheduled to die in March of 2020, but that execution date was delayed because of the pandemic. Jack Callahan Fox News. Even more new growth could be coming to the Riverside area as early as next year. The first phase of construction of the river part mixed use development begins east of the Oracle Campus River Park is planned to be 109 acres with 400,000 square feet of office and retail space. Los Angeles is Cracking down on homeless encampments. While the process still has a ways to go, L. A City council overwhelmingly voted to draft up new rules that would prevent homeless people from camping in many public spaces. In a 12 to 3 vote, council members requested the city's attorneys write up a new law that would bar sleeping, lying, installing possessions near schools, parks, libraries and other sensitive buildings. The proposed law would also ban tents and encampments from blocking.

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