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I can't beat Gavin. I can't beat Victoria. And now that you get Rick Devon's potentially throwing his vote somewhere else. And then they could potentially go after Julie if that was the target they wanted this next instead of. Rick having a lot of time to work out his plan about how he's going to go after this gambit to try to save Julie. Yeah. You have to. Yeah. That might be interesting to like the filibuster his time, his basically, his his his resources time based resources here on survivor. The thing really put out a dangle. And I think one thing that could prevent this. And some some ways why might not be happening there people as possible. Among the non Rick Devon's folk that there's a group thing that it's guy get rid of Rick Rick. And if you're the one to speak up, then you could be in trouble. But you have to find a way to break that spell where he's a, hey, guys. Rick is a problem. You know, he's also in a position where he can win about much immunities. We cannot put him in this kind of in this vaunted position as person who's being seemingly persecuted. And it's in the survivor's sense in that like, you're the one who is who was being targeted all the time. That's there in sort of in robotics. We'd call this absorbing states. A concept. So imagine you have state of the game this game that the game is in a particular position where it could be an all kinds of positions. But there are some positions where you're either you're you're destined to lose. Or you're very very likely to lose. It's hard to escape basically were absorbed into this bad game state. They use these concepts for making algorithms that netra try to win games you want to avoid the absorbing states where you lose and their couple of this happens on survivor, a one I think Joe Joey amazing be very familiar with. I call it the it's kinda like the death spiral threatening this. Okay. Where you are where you are so threatening that the only way to survive each individual vote is to do something crazy, which makes you even more threatening. And so I call it a threat spiral. I tried to call us on the island, but like, but it didn't make air. But like the idea is that once you become a certain level of threat like almost the only way to get out of it is to be more and more threatening. But basically, you pull some idle out of your pocket, use some crazy tribal move and people say, well you survived this great. You're even more of a threat. Now, it's kind of like, I would I would scribe rip Devon's this sort of end. So now, the only way to survive is to win Unity's or idols seemingly the other way. Is that all the other players can force a player. Like, Rick Devon's or injury burger into a position where they have to where they're they have to win survive. So now, the entire set of possibilities that this game is survivor could exist in is actually collapsed down to comparatively few where it's does Rick Devon's get to the end or not. And so how do you break that? And I love that idea of saying, well, we can't get into the state. The state is deadly for us either. It puts it puts too high of a probability of of of us putting in being unwinnable position with Rick being in the best spot. So how so how so like so we need to make sure that Rick feels like he's part of the tribe. Like, I said before it's kinda like when you tell someone report tribal council, they're going home, and then they do crazy things. But imagine that played out over like, four episodes. Yeah. That's the way. I think about it. Yeah. That's that's my current thought. That was based on. What were we talking about the threats early working with Evans instead? Resisting? Rick, devon. Yeah. So that's all on that theme. Right. So you don't want to push yourself into that absorbing state that you can't escape from which is Rick Devon's as the as the ultimate threat. Okay. You really having one giant autumn it threat, unless you're really sure you can knock them out for the end is probably about idea. Let me bring in some questions because we have a ton of questions for you here today as we go through this conversation..

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