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That can lift it coverage for Mikey come under need for Kamara to do what he needs to do the real. I put the decline in the head of him because that's the middle of the feel with where C J Anderson girly can run the reason I put to leave in there is because now he gets an opportunity face all pro and Mikey and try to figure out how to slow him down says he has such a great game against a Marcus Peters. The reason I put C J Anderson him is because all of a sudden here's a newfound guy who gives us a one two punch out of the backfield. Those are all the reasons I think you have the same number one. And that's the tha leaves the game time. Yeah. I always go to defense because when two teams combine the scored ninety points eighty points. You know, you're looking like going with clearly scoring wasn't an issue for either team. I understand that some of the options may not be here may not be as healthy. I get that. But I don't think that the issue for either seems about the offense is about defense for the Rams they give thirty five first half points. You know, what else might be number seven on this list? If those are the six things that Rams wire has the seventh might be. That Marcus Peters is coming into this game, particularly salty with something to prove remember, this is what he had to say directed at Sean Payton after the saints beat the Rams in week nine. I'm paying talking don't seem so. Hear about like, we was saying them to keep talking and hope you see some. And do we don't have a nice little all the he's coming. Go. No, you feel me. Okay. I do you Chris. Just checking the years, there's commission point you know, the we talked about yesterday. He's he's legitimate. Lynn, again minister Desta northern California minute east Oakland in Oakland. But but that's what's up though. He he's approaching it as a business. He knows what this is. He knows his Sean Payton disrespected him, and he remembers that in the back of his mind. So he'll see shopping. He'll see Mikey again. He'll see the New Orleans Saints again, but they'll see him also. And what he has to be careful is is not to get so wrapped up in post game press conferences, and what was said about him several weeks ago. There's a there's a line between coming show and playing with emotion. There's a line and coming in with edge and say, I'll I'll show you planning absolute. But then there's that you can get you can get those guys on till? That's why you get them because they're so mad. They're seeing stuff that's not their ghost ghost just chasing go. They've they've got an anger level. How did it work out? Beat ask anybody. How often do you make a good decision when you're super angry not? Guys like that just had it out for me. And I laugh to myself because I could just you know, you start playing back in your mind the corner dominated no. But they were good, sir. -taining them. We're fighting trash talked. Oh, always look book books fine. Those guys Miami. They just like the trash talk. But it was a guy name Corey fuller who played for the Minnesota Vikings in. He was good. But he was just a you could get in his brain to the point where you make share tears because he was talking so much trash to him at the beat him. A couple of times in the team may start telling you, I remember. Kid McAllister that played in in Baltimore. He was so wrapped up the he implant against me in talking crazy that I could do anything to him to the point. Ray Lewis had just Kersee. He got rate occurs. This was after this is after this was after that, the the revelations. Yeah. Nobody is. Nobody knows on according to Vegas. The Rams have the biggest hill to climb Super Bowl. Did they get wrong? We'll tell you next. Music to sit as you little shot of Ozzy on a nervous days. It never ever need. This tuesday. Right here. Osborne. Yeah. See what how do you listen to this? I like it like where where are you? Hold on. Here comes the hook Dr work..

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