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Weekend with us as use of electronic cigarettes by middle and high school students has skyrocketed so has the number of parents on aware that they have nicotine addicted children here are tips for parents worried about their kids and vaping from gene o'donnell health policy reporter at USA today Jane your advice well my biggest advice would be odd not to freak out because the not that it's funny but it is we've gotten very worked up over a problem that is linked to vaping but it's not the people there ending up in the hospital with a long illness is almost without exception or also vaping T. H. C. so if your child is sleeping naked teen anti H. C. and they're getting their T. H. C. street dealers which most kids would have to under age eighteen or twenty one that's what you need to worry about the most. vaping nicotine is risky but not risky like that it's not the it's not leading AP sending young people to the hospital but it is a very difficult substance nicotine that is to get off of users secretive gene so one of the signs that your kids are vaping among the things I mentioned in the story worse things like getting up from the table a lot having no run off and it excusing themselves you know kids might not want to hang around with their parents too much the dinner table but in an ability to to just spend any length of time in the same room I guess I would say more than usual kind of the one of the public knowledge yes I spoke to said kind of that this sneaky and what's it like averting their eyes like looking looking guilty that's one of them exit they certainly excessive costing breathing problems like if your kid plays a sport for example and then they're getting away more winded than they used to that's a good that's a an important sign because his if this is. half ironically very popular among sports teams even though it really hurts the young people's indoor ends and then of course you find a device that's a good. you likely sign we're speaking with gene o'donnell health policy reporter at USA today pieces gold is my kid vaping if so what's and how do I help them quit so what do you do if you find out your kids are addicted to vaping well I would certainly the first stop in all cases should be the doctor's office but what I'm hearing from talking to school nurses is that the pediatricians often don't know what to suggest this is a new thing and having to get young people off of nicotine and they're having to go through some pretty serious programs they're being pulled out of school they're having to take classes you know that signal remotely having to time every day after school at some places. in the special station programs they call them there are medications they're approved for this sort of thing but none of it's really recommend it none of them worked were were recommended for young people but of course neither was nicotine so the risk of your your kids being harmed by a nicotine replacement therapy which is generally over the counter one of the guns are the patch is is is pretty were about so yeah you really do have to have to you know get get them off it is finished and then and also look at why they're vaping nicotine is that that is because in many cases it's. simply peer pressure but is it peer pressure and that's going to lead to a far more dangerous peer pressure at the doctor the psychiatrists from Hazelden Betty Ford center that I spoke to said it really is if you're if you're young person is vaping nicotine particularly as some of the very young ages or hearing this election is twelve or thirteen and middle school the ticket they're hanging around with kids that are that's going to be bad news if they're doing that they're going to be ahead of the curve on all the risky behavior because even though the kids says everyone's doing it at school if everyone and his group his or her group it's not everyone it's it's really one in five one and four kids in high school and middle middle school top. distinction Jayne o'donnell health policy.

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