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I think that Cheryl was cracked to guttered is smart reasons successful for very, but because he was talking about of early on fan, slayer and just like when things were in chaos, you know, that's kind of a really great time to calm board because they're open to new ideas and you're there while they're figuring stuff out. Did you sees a documentary about the Dana Carvey show? No, I haven't. Okay. So it's a great great documentary about like, why? How could this go wrong? Because the writing staff? Sure. You know it was like Colbert corral Charlie Kaufman, Robert Carlyle. He was just like, dinos it has huge, and it was an, of course, Dana Carvey was the star at the height of his powers and had this hugely talented staff of a white man, but it did terribly got cancelled. I think I think in this season early season and it was so fascinating because you're like, how did that not go? Well, I think maybe because there's so much scrutiny on it wherever it was like, we can't wait to see rubbing their hands and we can't wait to see Dana Carvey does, and it was probably there's just so much crew. The office was the opposite of that, which was I think that I don't wanna speak out of turn here and because Greg knows better than I was like a staff writer. So like I truly didn't know what was going on that much. But my sense of it was at the office was like, okay, six episodes. Like, let's just like let this run its course, and frankly are for season like we did terribly. I still love those first season episodes is there so funny. But I also think I moves particularly attached to them because it was my. Experience writing TV. It was just completely intoxicating and it was such a small room and I was like, oh, my sure. So cool in meaning between Novak so cool. And mean everyone's so cool in me, and I hope they become my friends and felt like we were just doing like such there by the way. Now they're going to be like, would you was when me the podcast, they're both there. I was gonna save. They're both very nice which is also not true, but they're both perfectly nice and have since become good friends. But I just I've never been around like this level of concentrated comedy of people who just knew what they were doing and and I was just trying to keep up but talking about know what you're doing because I don't. I've never ridden half hour. I don't really good sense of what the process is like in the room, and I'm sure it's different for certain shows in other shows, but as has breaking episode. So you have a general sense of the sort of big things are happening. What is how many days are you there? Figuring out this is the episode. Before someone goes off and right said, like on this oil later shows. Will be took. I just took the way that we had done things at the office in brought that unto the Mindy project. I did a champions and the now at four is in a funeral. Like we're, we do things the same way and the way that we didn't do the way the Greg did it was that we would kind of blue sky or talk about the entire series for several weeks, maybe two weeks. And then we would take a couple of days and talk about each character in like, what made them funny? Why? What was their wound? Why? How would they react in certain different situations backstory, and that's when you know those first couple of weeks is when you figure out like, okay, twit shoot has a beet farm that kind of thing. Michael Scott will like, you know, he's talks about his mother but in his stepfather, but we never really know about his dad. I don't even know how far we got was, but we just and then we just went through all the main characters on the show ended that of this point how to pilots Griffin written or this before the policy was written because of a special case on the off. That's right yet will Greg adapt to the pilot Ardy shot the pilot. So then when I came aboard, so then when they're hiring staff, that's when Mike like Mike me, Polydor Stein that we came aboard in BJ head was in the pilot, but he was in the regime as well..

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