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To start in person learning Two days a week on January 21st. Over cases of growing nationwide and here in the D M V Tonight, Maryland's governor has ordered a new public health restrictions that kick in at five o'clock tomorrow evening. It was just last week, Governor Larry Hogan said. The warning lights were starting to blank today. I'm reporting that we have now crossed over. Into the danger zone. The governor has ordered bars and restaurants to cutback capacities from 75 to 50%, the Maryland Health Department is advising against any indoor gatherings of 25 people or more. And effective immediately. Governor Hogan says state employees approved for Tele work must return to Tele work and we are strongly advising all employers across the state. To limit their workforce on Ly two workers who are essential And who are not able to tell the work. The State Health Department is also issuing travel advisories aimed at limiting out of state personal family and business. Travel. Dick Uliano w. T. O P News before the governor made his announcement, the Montgomery County Council also voting to reinstate Covad restrictions, their regulations being tightened on businesses and religious organizations. The nine member Montgomery County Council voted reluctantly to reinstate the executive order. It limits gatherings to 25 people and cuts the capacity allowed in restaurants, retail outlets, religious facilities and personal service businesses to 25%. County Council member Andrew Friedson said the jump in covert 19 numbers at 18 per 100,000 made it clear action had to be taken. There is just no disagreement there whatsoever and there are no good answers. Council members said A regional approach is badly needed. Kate Brian W. GOP News Health Department also issuing new guidelines to try and slow the spread of covert 19 and nursing homes and assisted living centers. Visitors they say should get tested dash should avoid. Gatherings and nursing home should develop sufficient stockpiles of Peopie. Meanwhile, some businesses they're still trying to survive the damage of the first big wave small businesses getting $165 million in emergency grants and loans. But an investigation by our partners at NBC for the I team they're finding one local county might have been shortchanged. Prince George's County suffered the most cases initially. But the county, which has 15% of the state's population, received 9% of the emergency money doled out to save small businesses this spring. The state Commerce Department distributed the money and said they wanted money out quickly, and we're not initially tracking which county got most. Tisa. Clark received several $1000 for her construction business in Upper Marlboro, helping her make payroll but says the outreach by the state was ineffective, limited mostly the social media and website posts so many businesses didn't know to apply. You had a very tight window because we weren't out of money. Pa. Ran out of money. State leaders say outreach will improve as another wave of state. A tens of millions of dollars has now been announced so that other businesses will have another shot this fall for w T o P. Scott MacFarland news for Meanwhile, in Virginia, the governor is warning about covert fatigue. Stay vigilant all of the guidelines because the finish line is finally in sight. Talking about visors vaccine trials.

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