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Or a toaster that has a wire that's connected to a tinfoil antenna on the top of your roof we welcome you in this is supposed to be a sports show but guess what there are no sports another to talk about players have scattered on all legs all levels and we're not supposed to have anything competitively to talk about at least for two weeks that's how long Major League Baseball is allegedly shut down but you and I both know it's it's not going to be just two weeks it's going to be much longer than that we hear news stories all the time we just heard one here a couple of minutes ago that the pandemic known as the corona virus will probably not peak until early may do the math opening day was supposed to be late March two week delay would be mid April it's not going to open up in mid April in fact they're silent whispers all over major league baseball's community that there may not be any baseball audibly at any level until after Memorial Day the NBA has scattered and by the time June rolls around it's not a whole lot of interest in the NBA unless you're in an NBA city that's in the NBA finals NCAA took the biggest hit this was going to be there day this was going to be selection Sunday this was going to be their next three weeks the NBA players are scattered some coaches upset saying well why couldn't we just delay this thing why did we have to cancel it now how to cancel it now for a lot of reasons not the least of which is that the better players in college basketball will have their eyes focused now on the NBA draft whatever the NBA draft begins whatever the NBA season consumes continues and continues to consume us with basketball playoffs don't hold your breath on that one hockey is suspended hockey says well we're not canceling but we may be back long about June the interest in hockey goes melting away like ice surfaces at arena all over America here we are and what we've all thought might happen just a couple of weeks ago has now come to pass and there are a lot of reasons why it's not money although most of the questions that you have in life have an answer that is money certainly some of these leagues and certainly all of the television networks are going to take it on the chin financially but a lot of it frankly is legally nobody wants to put an employee be at someone who was getting a scholarship from a college team or someone that's drawing a paycheck from a professional sports team or someone that is going to want to Reno to watch either no employer wants to be placed in a position where he has to choose do I play games or do I protect my employees no place no where no how and it's real it's uncharted territory I've done shows on this over the course of the last couple of weeks the companies right now have to make hard and fast decisions if an employee tests positive work in corona virus cannot import your now say to that employee you must stay here on the job even though even though this place maybe knowingly infected that is a slippery slope legally and can employers say toward implore he you must stay here and work while I'll send other employees home because that too is a slippery slope we're all in on chartered water and this water doesn't include sports as the Major League Baseball they claim they claim two weeks I don't see it coming meantime teams are either stay together in spring training facilities like the Yankees and the the Tampa Bay market Tampa Bay des res and also the Washington nationals some teams are telling their players to scattered some teams just shut down complexes to try and figure out what to do the last couple of days now on Friday night Dick Williams Reds general manager addressed well the media as to what the Reds plans were and the rage plans are to open the complex at some point today for an informal work out and then try and figure schedule out as this next week progresses some players will stay in the Goodyear Arizona area others will be told to come back to Cincinnati minor league ball players will probably be told to scatter but it's the down time it's also the time line that is in question it's not going to be two weeks in fact one of the questions to Williams was how do you envision this playing out and would there then be a re gathering back in good your way and and have it will be when the corona virus washes its way out to sea here's what Williams had to say I don't think that's been determined yet by MLB finally wacky I know it hasn't been finally determined but our understanding is that there's going to be appeared of downtime and then yeah they're going to closely monitor the situation the health situation and when they decide on a time where they think they can start the season back up they're going to build in a a multi week preparation time for preparation and it is my understanding it's most likely that would be back out here back brought things back at their spring training facilities but that is not being committed to so there is war Major League Baseball is which is a lot of nothing because they don't know they're like you there like me we don't know you watch all these people that run governments be it at the state local or federal level they don't know so if they don't know and leagues have suspended play the nobody really knows when sports is going to come back the NFL draft is the next big thing up on the calendar actually the start of the NFL season which begins this week is next on the calendar and now it's expected that the start of the NFL season which first up would be free agency this was the coming week when teams were supposed to go out shopping for what was a very rich free agent class to help restock rosters in advance of the draft this was the week but now the expectation is not only will the NFL stop the clock that starts the season that stops the free agency period it will also push the NFL draft back deep into may Hobart is profootballtalk dot com who's been a guest on my show many many many times reported last night on pro football weekly that the legal already knows that the NFL twenty twenty draft scheduled for Vegas in April is off after the collective bargaining agreement vote is announced the results were announced which should be sometime today market she is reporting that the NFL will then announce that the NFL draft has been postponed at least until late may now that may or may not affect the start of the NFL season it might chose crap a lot of business into a short amount of time let's face it the NFL's spreads its business like butter is spread over toast three hundred and sixty five days a year it's a very smart marketing marketing ploy by the NFL right it's always in front of us be at the Superbowl and then the combine and then the pro days and then free agency and then the draft and then O. T. A.'s and then many cabs and then training camp the NFL does a very good job of that because it needs programming for its television network the NFL network so now maybe all of the things that have been stretched out over three hundred sixty five days can be compressed into what would have otherwise been a normal timeline but the things we think about now because the NFL is conditioned us to think Hey it's April it must be time for the draft those things now have a time line that's morphing again nothing official yet but Hobart cash pro football weekly reported late last night that the league already knows the draft in Vegas is off and will announce after the collective bargaining agreement vote is totaled and made public and again that should be sometime this afternoon after all of that it will announce the postponement of the draft until late may golf is all tennis is off the only sport that still standing at least one with in audiences the UFC and Dana white says the flights will go on they're not going to go on in Vegas than men are gone anywhere in the United States and if this thing gets to the proportions that we think it's going to get to it may not go off anywhere but that's the landscape and that's what we operate under but it doesn't stop us from doing the show and we've got some good things realigned up today it was supposed to be selection Sunday so we'll see exactly if the NCAA ever releases a final bracket of sixty eight I think that would be cool but today at eleven o'clock our bracket guy Shelby mast will join me he'll release his final bracket of sixty eight see where Xavier would have gone if it indeed would have made the final field and see where you see would have gone and Kentucky and Indiana and then K. you and all the other local teams today at eleven thirty I'll be joined by our golf expert Ryan Balaji the unthinkable the masters has been postponed there will be no gathering along the lush greens along the fine fairways along the Israel your plants all the gusto National this April it will be played sometime just not in April at ten thirty today from pro football focus dot com I'll be joined by Mike Renner we'll talk about what the NFL is doing now the timeline that could affect the start of a lot of things in the NFL and how compressed and how compact things will be and what the Bengals should do when the green flag is dropped on the start of free agency I've got my thoughts he has used to and will scope out a draft that certainly isn't going to change whatever they hold it B. as in April or may or June or on Mars in July number one pick in this draft the Bengals will take Joe burrow Anthony Casterbridge MLB dot com he's gonna join me today too and we'll talk about the investment the rates have been this twenty twenty season and why this delay may affect them more adversely than any other team in Major League Baseball think about it they have been positioned to not just win the National League central division but maybe something even better than that and now when it if baseball reconvenes again I think it's when it's not yeah it will be a compact compress schedule it will not simply be picking the schedule up when the start date goes there will probably be adjustments to interleague play in division play and what does it mean for the Reds who thought they had a hundred and sixty two games to challenge for something this year and how important will it be to get out of the chute strongly when it F. again not if but when and then a story today about something that I I just find fascinating the tribe of human desire over maybe the odds stacked against you maybe good story for where we are right now this summer there will be concerts here in Cincinnati there will be concerts at Paul Brown stadium there will be concerts at heritage bank center at river bend at the Taft theatre at the Ludlow garage it will again kick up and when it kicks up again one of the concerts has foreigner traveling with the band Kansas Kansas is a great rock and roll band prog rock some would say but a great rock and roll band their lead singer was Steve Walsh he retired a few years ago and when he did the guy the picked to replace him was a truck driver drive an eighteen Wheeler across the state of Illinois who just happen to know somebody who knew somebody who could introduce that somebody to someone that could help him and now what a plaque lead singer of Kansas will join us today at ten oh six to talk about his amazing journey from absolute obscurity to fighting one of the most famous rock bands in the history of the genre so that's what we've got we've also got each other and that's the best part of these gatherings on Sunday it's nine twenty one here in Cincinnati I hope wherever it is whatever time it may be it's a good time for you will press on until noon Sunday morning sports talk seven hundred WLW.

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