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So what I do is I play poker when a poker face and that means you cannot betrays any emotion. You gotta talk to them. Thing to what you do. Sam ban Simpson. I got him. Hang the phone up, hang up. Tell me what you do in your poker tournament and the poker tournament. I am a poker face, so no matter what happens. You do not let people know what happened. That means that they will know you got a good card that's called poker face. I'm one of the best. I'm one of the best and yet something very amazing happen about a week ago. We last Tuesday, which it wasn't, but that's how you like to say it. Yes. All right. I got. I do a straight flush. Who's you to? I? Are you net eat or something you pulled onto what to a straight flush. I I, it was a king. It was a Queen. Highstreet flies going Queen Queen Street, Bush king. Okay. Then what? And I actually held just the way and I let out an exclamation sound. But we got, we got it on tape here. And that was it. And that was you doing that was when I got. The king because this was being televised on channel nineteen for poker night. Well, what do you told my gut seen to televise on champ? Don Berman put that together. Right. I don't know, but the airline channeling team and that gave it away. And I've tried to reconcile myself to it. Let me hear this again. You pull the king to get the Cuiaba Queen straight going, Brighton hardy in hearts, straight, flush, great, white, and you've got the king. I got the king and then this is from the TV. Just little exhibition is Dan little actually in Blewett at blue. Even though you got the best poker face in the world, you gotta watch yourself every step of the way to the straight flush is the best hand hundred Royal flush the best in you getting poker and I blew it when I just that little moment when I saw king turn up. Here right there. That is that's like hall bad, pick a plan? Yeah, Kimmy tree, you blow it went dead. You talking about, they're saying that's kind of an amateur move. I know no street flesh. You kidding me. That's a very normal move. What would you see some guy do that? Like at the World Series of poker in Vegas, if the guy was poetry, of course, not everybody, but about fifty percent. What about the Texas, Linda, who's the best poker player in the country? I don't know. Let's say the guy that he's going to do that he's fifty fifty percent chance. He will because you gotta understand something. The guy got a straight blush. Oh my God, no, as to be able to resist just looking at that and going off God, I remember seeing it. What's what happened? I remember seeing, I felt my soul leaving my leaving my body through my nose. I literally misery think about it. This is what it would sound like. That's my soul, leaving my body through my notes. Jay satisfy ladies and gentlemen. Well, I. I heard about you heard about enough of that as as I can take this. All right. And I did too, and congratulations Chan being a great poker player. So sorry that you can't keep a poker face when you get a straight flush. Absolutely Richard that alive, man, they don't have much tournaments worth five, five five figures. Hey, man, it ain't. Famous fill every show tawdry show dot com. By me. Phil Henry reincorporated all rights reserved on podcast..

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