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Carleen hijau. How are you? Great. I'm having a good hair day. And so whenever I have a blow out and got my waves done. Yeah. I'm just you know, a more confident. Yeah. You you've got a sunbeam hitting you right now. Bit and gel extra highlight. Yeah. Does that have something to do with our guest today? You know, it we have Kristoff row bent in the house. He is a decades long hair color master straight from France. I think everybody is going to be obsessed with him because his approach to hair color is so different than what we're used to hearing. Not only that he's one of the only founders that we've that we really know of that has his own line of hair care. Yeah. That's right. He does have hair colors now, but he's really more focused on the health of the hair. Great and the health of the scalp treating it kind of like the skin on your face. And just what the belief that the healthier that your scalp is the more beautiful your hair will look and feel very French approach. So while you guys may not know his name, he has been sort of the mastermind behind many trends that we have seen at the drugstore because he was a color expert with Lori Al Perez for many many years yet worked on so many commercial. Oh, my God people of haughty Schiffer. And Latisha Casta. And I think what is also interesting about him is that he really was at the right place at the right time and made his Mark with all of the supermodels that we know and love from the mid nineties. That's right. He worked with Stephanie Seymour. Claudia Schiffer an L McPherson. And he became the guru that they could go to where their hair would stay healthy. So I if you were a Linda Evangelista on you're going from blonde to Brown to red hair, you needed to go to somebody who wasn't gonna let your hair fall out because they were only concerned about what your hair look like for that next shoot. And that's really part of his endgame is the longevity of your hair, the health of your hair. I mean, somebody's got to be looking out for it. Yeah. And that just made everyone flocked to him including celebrities like, Catherine Deneuve. Yup. Tilda Swinton still works with Catherine denote today. Let's so amazing. Yeah. Christoph began apprenticeship at just fourteen years old now when other kids were. Saying soccer and the yard. He was like doing hair color..

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