Saudi Crown, Executive Vice President, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin



News. An independent United Nations report with questions over the role of the Saudi Crown prince in the death of a journalist. In Turkey report finds credible evidence to warrant further investigation into Saudi Crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, this follows the killing of Washington Post columnist and Saudi journalist Jamal kashogi, the UN report states. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is responsible for the death kashogi was an outspoken critic of the crown prince. But the kingdom continues to blame rogue Saudi agents for carrying out the journalist killing last October, because Shoghi was last seen alive entering the Saudi consulate in Turkey. The Trump administration has expressed doubt over whether the crown prince was involved, Tom Graham, former White House communications director hope Hicks, on Capitol Hill. Today, appearing before the House Judiciary committee as it continues its Russia investigation. But President Trump invoked executive. Privilege. Meaning she didn't answer any questions about her time in the administration Hicks, now an executive vice president and communications director for FOX corporation, the house approves spending package worth nearly a trillion dollars that also includes controversial provisions on abortion funding for spending bills funding labor education, foreign operations defense and energy and water project won house approval of nearly trillion dollar Bill representing a third of the spinning bills Congress's required to pass all, but seven Democrats voted, yes, every Republican voted no, the measure does automatically renew. Hyde amendment language barring federal funds from providing abortion services. Most of the Democrats running for president have proposed abolishing net language, including front runner. Former vice president, Joe Biden, Jared Halpern on Capitol Hill, Mexico becoming the first country to ratify the new trade deal with the US and Canada. Can it candidate is moving ahead to.

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