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Know I've been going on a while here, and that's big for and it's going into that dresser. Richard panik had a big first period. And right now, he's Lukla Pinski, Luke. Thanks heater will Richard a pretty strong first period from you guys. Colorado gets that lay Gobert you guys respond. How big is there right before the end of the first period? I think it's a huge of. I think we we played really good. Just a little sleep at the end of the score. But I think who we buried in them. So hopefully who will get try going over system. You guys went eight and a half minutes to start this game before they even got a shot on goal, and they had a power play in there too. So this is a I would imagine the strong start. You were looking for. We're looking for. The they play last night. Because the wanted to jump on them. I think who did a really good job. You take us through your golden to start the scoring tonight. Just a great battle on blind. By by stab, you know. And I just got it. I try to recede. A and the he can get Richard panik heater biz Becker, do you guys. All right. Luke. Thank you very much upon scored the goal. But then as you pointed out that use the guy that really was responsible for the second goal because it was his hard for check creating a turnover along the right boards in Colorado end with just a handful of seconds left in the coyotes were able to convert Dan against a guy who doesn't lose a lot of battles, Lantis, Gog and. No that's a big first period from top wine. We talked about their top six Uber. Three keys actually saw Pat myself on the back here. Actually, you get me. Thank you. Thank you. There you go. But no, that's huge. Nice little play. They're by Keller as well. And he mentioned that play by Steph on at the blue line on the first goal. And you know, it was that will not only him covering for Alex color gos- giving you to the confidence in order to step down the wall and create that initial turnover. But once he noticed that goose pinch down, he pounces right on that loose puck, and then ends up making that played upon it. So I mean step on just a great two hundred foot player and ever since that trae where they got schmaltz it's helped him fit nice second line center role and just a good little player and what a period for that line as we talked about earlier they had a lot of success last year. They haven't been together much this season. But second straight game now, and you can tell chemistry that they have. Yeah. Absolutely. Kind of a kind of a one a one b I. I said he's the second line center. But some games they move them up with Pontiac and Keller. No other games. It's schmaltz in that situation. So they kind of got to first lines right now. It's nice to see really. And I really liked the way the coyotes responded. I mean, obviously Colorado gets that turnover and scores have another chef for their pressuring. And how big Paul do you think it was for that respond to get that goal to go into the first intermission while, you know, nothing's really been going their way lately in all the small mistakes they've made to me in the back of their net. And you know to completely dominated team like Colorado in the first that'd be going in tied. One one would have been a little bit frustrating. But that's it's everything man. Especially for a team that's been very fragile as of late. All right. So it's coyotes over the Avs at the end of one period of play.

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