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On the volatile personality will be as great player but that looks to be on site which by the way Jon Gruden was asked me about twenty minutes ago if you had a comment he said no we'll give you that will actually give you the within that serves some point later on today so we'll probably get some resolution with the stuff maybe yeah a five ounce mint later today official nothing ambiguous about that now an official announcement well we have the official start of the season of course the great rivalry between the Packers and the Chicago Bears and we're joined by general spent all twelve years of his career in Chicago terrific linebacker seven pro bowls made it all pro team back in two thousand five as well and thought about lance Briggs is with us here on tiki and tear the CBS sports radio lance what's have nobody ready for some football the what many good. and I'm this is the best time of year from the. it is yeah you're right brings it all out that's right that's right I think you made the Pro you're all pro the year I made mile pro in oh five but you were you were coming in I was going out I was I was at all yet at that point yeah sure did I sure did I was me and Brian we get in together yeah pretty close the deal yeah exactly so it is you look at the beginning of the season and look what this all all season has been. interesting for the bears you lose your office of course our defense of court as you say a big Fangio goes out to Denver but the talent is just so amazing are you expecting the same level of success as last year this season even though things have changed just a little bit no I think yeah I expect the I think more I spent more takeaways I think one question. on the quarterback I could bigger things from this from this group because another capable we all of their table they're going to they should they should see things faster than they did last year they should expect things quicker than they did last year and you know for the only the only question mark you know we were a great coach like job Donna with his you know that if it ain't broke don't try to fix it it also really is just you know keep the ship's thirty. you should study a let your let your dog. those guys go out there and do what they've been doing yeah in the main one of those lands as we all know is is Khalil Mack in I mean we've seen talented linebackers over the course of the the NFL a guy who could do it like he does it from the edge and then I was even the linebacker position as well how special of a player is here we are we is hyperbole around him received actually that good. now you. he's that good you know a lot you know I watch every week you are watching he killed every week he's he's one of those guys. you've got the the bad you understand exactly how the you know the bye week you come off the Baltimore you'll see a big load off the wall you know but he just knows exactly how to work the guys from from inside right to speak to is know how to get the ball out he's a fallen where he's one of those guys that you use when you try to go around try to find a reason not to hi the high for the top dollar you can't find it you can check I like that expression without a lens brings former lie back for the bears now early on yet success you guys got to the Superbowl when you were playing you had at least four double digit win season maybe fifty one in there but at least for and before last year's renaissance lance and I remember last summer we were told to somebody who was by cool is that from Chicago from the score lords homes we had on the show that we do not for you probably know that a large homes and we're doing the preview lance right and he's like I nobody cares about the bears me take you like what cares about the bears it seems like the energy for the bears I know didn't die would dramatically dissipated so now that it's back bears fans is it's Super Bowl or bust or they still somewhat realistic that it could be an incremental step forward without getting to the Superbowl where's the bear fan right now well let me tell you you know I'm at the I'm at the courtyard here and just a few minutes ago we got on the phone so you was a rowdy crowd the district's field everybody's out it's a Thursday thought my question is you know who's working. your own as far as the you know yeah but but but but everybody knows about cited everybody they know this team right here's a ball of reaching lord they're capable of reaching the. Miami this year so that I think that the expectation I think that the team the. we have a thing that. yeah the you know let you just mentioned you bet your down there the courtyard by Marriott with Matt forte who is a great runner in in in his own right when he was with but with the Chicago Bears tells about the Superbowl sleepover contest that you guys have going on. accu pretty cool you know it's an opportunity for for you know the winners. they're going to run out of one of the suite and the people of Xebel stadium and I'm gonna have the winners are gonna sleep over and they'll be the first ones to wake up in the stadium well Sunday and I'll be quite an experience yeah right makes is a kick in there lots of food. I was still coach may be although right sleeve all right either because that would recruits. that actually is very cool very cool print a very cool and that is what I say what idea let's let me ask you this you know this is walls I yeah you know you want to walk by the kicker in the locker room and you really don't want to have to worry about much just do do your hundred ninety pounds we're just do you freaking job kicked the ball straight on kick off don't let a return it. oh boy I mean when there's a situation like the bears had a year ago and it's really bled in this entire summer all I mean is this going to derail the season because the kicker still mess. not you know I like I like the situation now because you know there's a lot of. what a long resume on there right now you know there's not without you know walking in the sand all these guys. ticker or this or that even the creative talent you know right here with with with today. and that kind of the the formula that started for radical you know run came in we didn't know what we're gonna do we're like I've got a guy coming to go to court gonna be good updates photos we came in and he started his percentage during a his career with the bears weekend one of the.

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