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I need the most minds the food security guards could stop her TV producer at the age of nineteen eighty handed home pale she and is that what we need anybody so it's something how far we've made a it was Pat me John what Italians considered the king of cheeses and she asked compared to bring it to president trump a few days later in Washington Italian president said remote that a lot asked trump if the tariffs could be avoided trump seemed willing to listen he thought we were a little bit harsher Italy and we don't wanna be harsh on Italy will never do that so we'll look at that like two days later the trump administration imposed seven point five billion dollars worth of tariffs on numerous European products such as French wine Spanish olives and Italian cheeses this is the result of the World Trade Organization ruling allowing the U. S. to recoup damages from what it ruled were unfair European Union subsidies to the aircraft maker Airbus but is the call of their teenage the president of the consortium of primary channel producers points out Italy had nothing to do with Airbus yeah your honor it there the real aim is to give a boost to imitation parmesan cheese is made in the US in other words the terrorists are uprising against our products because they're they're not allowed to be sold in the European Union each wheel of petty John always imprinted with the letters D. O. P. meaning protected designation of origin it's in you label that guarantees the authenticity of the products geographic origin and protects local producers from cheaper imitations U. S. milk producers complain that the E. U. abuses use of geographical indications to limit competition from American cheese exports the use common food names but their teenage insist on me John was part of Italy's cultural heritage as important as the Coliseum lead guy yeah it will be in delaying me they learn that this product and now it's an emblem of Italian no the taste aroma and sense of this cheese arrive from the territory where it's made and it's the result of a centuries old process that led to cheese making excellence not me John always made around the northern city of.

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