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Call quick drugs, three, two one now at eight, hundred, three, three, eight, six, nine. Oh, six, eight, hundred, three, eight, six, nine, zero six. That's eight, hundred, three, three, eight, sixty, nine, six, paid for by the detox and treatment. Help Line. You can listen boxing illustrated on radio. On Sports BYLINE USA DOT COM, plus on more than one hundred radio stations across the country on the sports byline, and the SP, nation radio networks, plus on Sirius, Xm channel to eat eleven well, and so ends another addition of boxing illustrated. Where we heard from three distinctly different guests Ed Brophy who opened up tonight. Show is the executive director of the International Boxing Hall of fame. He told us of his agony and having to cancel this year's induction weekend and of his plans to blend the class of twenty twenty with the class of twenty twenty, one. Top ranks president, Todd. Do Buff told us the story of how he along with top ranks. CEO and Hall of Famer Bob Arum along with their amazing company. Put together plans to bring boxing back to the public in front of no crowd and no media on ESPN. Radio Tuesday night, June ninth. Following that show there will be top rank. ESPN fights on June eleventh sixteenth. Eighteenth Twentieth Twenty Third, and on June thirtieth that seven shows, twenty one days, something unheard of in the modern era of boxing. You can rest assured that top rank model will be copied and studied by every other promoter in the sport, especially those with lucrative. Contracts we also heard from a man. Eddie Mustafa Muhammad. Who has lived his life in boxing gyms I in Brooklyn as a fighter, and as a world champion, then in Las, Vegas as a world respected trainer. Next week we'll take a look at how the top rank shows went down and much more. For our entire boxing illustrated on radio, cornermen and crew. I'm ready g the commission, which.

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