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Tell me what I said you know but the reality is it's better to find out now if the person understands versus waiting for them to go do that project or working coming back in with the different <hes> doing something different than what was originally yes. That's challenging. There's a lot of sensitive moments within communication. It's asking people to re-communicate back what you said or or the <unk> salesman was bullying. Somebody on the phone is those are right. Those are challenging moments. <hes> we got a few minutes any tips you give to people in terms of a win you gotta you gotTa Open Open up you. GotTa go there and how that conversation like eight. You shut that person down on the call. Would you share with the audience yeah I would say it's always you've got to set boundaries. You can't let people continue the bad behaviors or the bad communication behaviors or whatever it is that they're doing you have to let them know because they also might not know like I mentioned they might not even be aware of what they're doing the impact that they're having so you need to let them no needs to be direct. It does not need to be in front of other people. It should be a one on one conversation with the manager their boss whoever that particular person might be but the the person who's explaining the the impact and what's happening should also be asking questions to find out if they're even aware you know what's going on be involved engaged in other words. It's shouldn't that shouldn't be a one way conversation like okay. I'm going to sit you down. I'm GonNa tell you everything you're doing wrong here. That's not up where it should be coming from where she becoming promise I really want to connect with this person and establishing good relationship so that we can work together to overcome this and produce better results for our team. You know come from the best version in yourself. Don't put the other person on the defensive. Don't make accusations focus on what's an observable and factual not interpretations so in other words say somebody's becoming in late to team meetings. You don't say as something like Oh. You're a slacker you know you're you're always coming in late because that's adding an interpretation. We don't know that they're a slacker. We don't know what's going on. What's observable is you're coming in late and that's impacting the team? Can you know can you help. Enlighten me about what's going on. But can you explain what's happening or is there anything I can help you with their the Wiz the team can help you with to improve the situation or to prevent this from continuing well. That's <hes> does really awful moon. How can people get a hold of you? They like to learn more. We're with you okay. There's several ways I've got a website which is Dr Patty. Malone Dot Com and it's D- are not the whole words spelled out and not D. R. Dot it's D. R. P. A. T. T. Y.. M. A. L. O. N.. E. Dot Com. I don't know he's well but we'll have that in the show notes page as well so people look inside okay great number sorry yeah also the email is info at Dr Patty Malone Dot Com and the phone number is nine four nine two nine seven six four eight eight terrific. Well thank you for joining us today. Dot Loan has been great learning communication how to improve that in you. GotTa answer that if you're doing things in inches or meters Tamar right yeah Oh one last quote one final closure the biggest problem. The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred yeah. It's a it's an ongoing thing we have more communication in this world than ever but it's an illusion that people are hearing what the other side China's say. Thank you for sharing hope you have a nice any and having you back again in the future. Okay thank you so much you too. This is Alan how.

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