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All right here. The runners up Howie Popeye's employee assaults co worker with chicken 19 year old. What else would he use? Its Popeye's? All right, He's not gonna wait. He's not going toe could have been hit him with a veal shank right could have been spinach at Popeyes. 19 year old Popeye's chicken employee, Trinity Hills, Hman and her 20 year old brother, Brennen Helmsman were charged with assault after Trinity assaulted her co worker with a piece of chicken and her brother came back with friends to assault the victim a second time by kicking him while on the ground in the parking lot. So the kids can't wait to say, Grace. What kind of was it wasn't a drumstick abreast, Fi. What did they What did she use? It says a piece of chicken. And if I had to surmise, I would say probably a nugget of sorts. Um Nugget. You don't think they went for like a nice, big tender like a nice breast. Well, I would say either a breast a tender or nugget. I would not say a bone because I think we would hear about it if a bone was involved, because that could make it a deadly weapon, Probably right. No, I feel good, dangerous weapon that most weather dangerous weapon. I would think that the only thing that you could really hold in your hand is as a cudgel or a sap. Would be a leg, wouldn't it? Maybe you if you don't think you could handle the piece of chicken, that's you know, some people are more advanced in street fighting. I just don't think I would want to bring a chicken breast to a chicken advice. Yeah, well, the employees fought. It's It's not me clear. What about the girl through the piece of chicken and then her brother and his friends waited by the man's car? He basically jumped him and he said the guy jumped out and said, What's all that talking with my sister? Then they started punching and kicking Isaac in the parking lot. Hope Isaac Susan gets money out of this. I think Robert gave teller his actual idee during ill fated heists. This is great. They're just not making bank robbers like they used really. Whitey Bulger is rolling over in his grave thinking about the other incompetence of the modern day. Bank robber, a Chicago bank robbery suspect gave a teller his state issued ID along with a withdrawn floor way his state issued ideas that anything like a D e B T card. No, I don't. I don't think I think it was his regular driver's license. Why would it say a driver's license? Right? Why is it saying a state issued I D If it's a driver's license? That's also a state issued idea. Is it not? I know it is, but it's It's very imprecise. Mm. And that's a good question. How you can look at just how the police log had documented. This is why you developed sources in the police department. Right, Taylor? Yes. So you could you so you can find out what was really used. Is that a dig at me that I didn't find the source of whether or not it wasn't a BT or an I D? No, I'm just saying Taylor Taylor used to go down to the New Bedford Police Department, just like I used to go down to the Winston Salem Police department and sometimes the Boston Police Department, Ednor Flores 34 entered a PNC Bank and the city's humbled park section. And waited in line before handing a teller A deposit ticket with the words armed and no dye packs. But how we die. What spells? Yeah. Uh, well, you know that. Here's the problem. The Chicago schools have been out for a long time and the teachers, the teachers are still refusing to go back, and this is the kind of the kind of tragedies they're going to occur. Leading the quick, quick witted bank employees to press a silent alarm. The savvy teller then asked Flores, who was wearing a hood in a surgical mask of the time. If he wanted to make a deposit or withdraw the employees then gave floor is a blue withdrawal slip on which he scrawled $10,000 and filled up his account number as 123456789. Before handing it back. Florida's proceeded to give his authentic I D to the teller when asked for he over his temporary state I d card issued by the Illinois secretary of state just days earlier. That's his name. Ednor Flores. Mm hmm. I'm gonna get. It was not a legitimate driver's license under any circumstance. I'm starting to think it might not have been either man covered in. It certainly wasn't a voter ID card says Rambo for 13 we I think we can assume that safely. Yes. Man covered in lubricant plant pleasures himself throughout Nashville, Wal Mart. Rub. Nashville WalMart Get get get get get get again. So there's this site, Howie, and it's called the Scoop Nashville and they collect Ah lot of mug shots and crazy stories. And so in May of 2020 the man here, Brian Love Hosted. He was Ryan Love was into himself love at the Wal Mart. Exactly. He posted. Huh? Please don't ever let me end up on Scoop Nashville. Cause that's like the big site. Write it, And so then they captured this Brian. Today is your day. On Monday, Metro Police located 26 year old Brian Love, exposed and covered in lubricant while pleasuring himself and pushing a shopping cart through Nashville, Wal Mart. And then all these little mom and pop stores are shut down. And yet Walmarts is allowed to be open and this kind of person using using lubricant for his own unspeakable ends is allowed to run amok. He says. He also appeared to have been watching an adult movie on his iPhone. Multi tasker wife accused of stabbing husband after finding photos of him having sex with another woman, But that woman, but that woman ended up being herself. Oh, no. Ah, woman in Mexico was so blinded by jealousy that she couldn't recognize her. But she was blinded by something else. Maybe was tequila involved in the sense that maybe she hadn't seen a reason. Picture Who's the fat broad? My husband's banging, You know, I I think it's the opposite. A woman in Mexico was so blinded by jealousy that she couldn't recognize her own body before resorting to violence. The angry wife is accused of stabbing her husband after finding photos of him having sex with a much younger and slimmer woman. What she feels To realize was the mistress was herself photographed. A few years earlier, the husband tried to explain to her, I think, while she was stabbing him that he had found the photos inside to upload them to his phone kind of romantic. And what was her name? Her name? The suspect identified on Lee as Leonora are and what's What's his name. It does not say OK, they left him to say his name was Pedro Leonora said, Pedro. You got some splainin to, though man smashed open Gardener museum door tossed in painting he had earlier earlier stolen from a Newbury Street gallery. Wait a second. What museum? Was this? The gardener museum. So this is like a man bites dog story. Someone didn't steal a picture from the gardener. They brought a picture back that they had stolen from somewhere else. Yeah, you know, it's really odd, But was it a premiere by the way worth worth? $300 million? Well, I'm getting the sense that it wasn't a real high priced item because the man stole it and wrapped a blanket around it and then threw it back. And I guess when you stole it, Okay. Well, let me break this down for you wasn't it was The velvet Elvis. Was it stolen from a from A from a place in Wellington Circle. Boston Police report arresting a Randolph man on charges he smashed in the door at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and left behind an object that brought the bomb and has met units early Saturday..

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