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In it for many years so i'm sure he uses a cane as he said now then when he fox and unfamiliar territory but around the house he does not seen so the videos and sell your your friend to look at that video in that video joseph his wearing a pink colored shirt he highlyeducated persian was a principal uh also uh uh radio john uh and uh when i see him in the office a couple of months ago he went to shake my head with his right hand and i said i know what great equalled is rahmatullah him he's uh my hand so hard i thought it was as strong nails his grip so you could have your friend and you can certainly look at that videotape believable i have wondering how he combing john uh they're packing higher and they think that he may have the early signs of msn she's like about thirty years also uh boog powell let me also is is a thorough comment on ms 'cause i always have to comment on underlined i think under league causes of parkinson's ms alzheimer's of course stroke cancers and many degenaar disorders body nato's by heavy metal exposure and i could backup that by showing you two hundred and six articles on my website in the heavy metal article five of the case histories and that talks about how heavy metals damage all the tissues of all those diseases so i would certainly have her test for blood and urine for heavy metals and see what's going on because i didn't think um ms is something that's transmitted genetically you know of uh mother or not i think it's the disease as many diseases are of accumulation of damaging says light metals in your body and also as people get older and we all do we lose our new cell production so our tissues have far less repair themselves gene picture at look at vitamin d i mean look at research shows around the equator will people run around with reliever the such some exposure to their vitamin d levels through the roof and they don't get parkinson's and ms and all the diseases and cancers that we typically seen up your so very compelling research so look at the website you'll see a lot of good info and of course you certainly can give your physical the websites www dr d nagged and the offices five one six seven nine four zero four zero four thank you for your call for landroute behavior might call and do so now one eight hundred eight for.

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