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The South Korean soldier now in the land of his red monitoring enemy finds North Korea people in shreds and tatters after five years. There's a communist rule that from how boil writing for the Associated Press oil continues. He also finds the North Korean civilians. Don't act like people who are losing a war. He walks sends several hurriedly raised victory arches of logs and pine boards spanning the road from Washington. Senator bricker the Republican of Ohio leader a pass fights against continuing federal rent control system. They they're extension. In modified born may be necessary when Congress returns November twenty seven his surprise statement to reporters contrasted with the view of Senator Maybank the Democrat in South Carolina that he saw no reason for Congress to revise the president. Local option rent law at the brief lame duck session after the election from Philadelphia. The eating mud pies. It seems is normal for children if your child eats mud pies don't worry about it and Medical Society of Pennsylvania said in their publication. Your health or Gert. Eating is common among children and the practice is usually short-lived and harmless dateline London. James Calhoun of Richmond. Virginia flew in Thursday night with treat for his meet Hungary English relatives the three pound state. Calhoun step down his suitcase. Put the rap stay on top of it and whistled for a cab as the cab drew up in front a large airedale you up and back. Calhoun and his kinfolk had fish forgiveness though. Some of these top news stories reported in the newspapers of Friday. October six thousand nine hundred fifty on Aradio escape which continues now on Classic Radio Theater. Aw I didn't think that given to us that easy captain could be trouble though. This plugging will be more. If we don't don't get the knives away. Good Mon in Canton Deity.

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