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We own parkway's everyone please room pete of grain all parfours you take the best drive and dan play your own ball uh in quito on on parfive uh if care fastballs so you pick from and don't play your arm ball peter gray land it's just not the the golf at selfies and it's a whole day of activities gosh yes shorter thirty in the morning with breakfast thursday putting contact sandy eleven o'clock shock on uh we normally finish around four thirty or so then we go indoors avocado hour with a fabulous uh appetizers i am dan dan followed by fifa buffet an valley roy goes will allow sounds great those of the thirty four th year you're been involved in this day that off wait and not in the same capacity as cochair uh you know over the years for a player and then i i remember uh i join the off oh committee and became moller was appointed cochair ours our our work in our listeners get more information and work in they sign up to play well the consign now far at her valley uh we only have a couple of foursomes why it is so moving forward to two thousand as an eighteen favouite reached out to her valley probably in a motto for early july uh where there were openings available i think we have two or three foursomes uh as of yesterday that oh we have room for how dunno where we.

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