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Scott talk during the war slowing the flow on Christopher Cruz president trump will get a chance to build new sections of border wall the U. S. Supreme Court has ruled that the administration may use funds approved by Congress for military purposes to build sections of the wall correspondent Joe Ramsey says funding for the project had been frozen by lower courts the trump administration will be able to re direct two point five billion dollars in money approved by Congress for the Pentagon to help build president trump promised wall along the US Mexico border even though lawmakers refused to provide funding the conservative majority core on a five four vote blocked in full ruling by a federal judge in California barring the Republican president from spending the money on the basis that Congress did not specifically authorize the funds to be spent on the wall project fiercely opposed by Democrats in Mexico's government Joe Ramsey Washington trump administration officials are hoping an agreement between the US and Guatemala will slow the flow of migrants from Central America to the American southern border administration officials signed an agreement with Guatemala that will restrict asylum applications to the US the so called safe third country agreement would require migrants who crossed into Guatemala on their way to the U. S. to apply for asylum in Guatemala instead of at the U. S. border correspondent the stuff of all this is not much is known about the agreement to the details of this agreement are not very well known yet and the effects will be known in the next few days especially because he has been controversial in Guatemala and in the United States what critics say this agreement is going to be dangerous for the people trying to get to the United States at least eight people are dead about sixty injured after two strong earthquakes struck heavily boss sparsely populated islands in the northern Philippines today Europe sweltering in intense heat at least twelve countries have seen record breaking temperatures and some people in Afghanistan say president trump's desire to pull American troops from the country will override any doubts about the Taliban sincerity in promising to prevent terrorists from being based there I'm Christopher Cruz.

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